Send and Receive SMS with Salesforce

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I was attending a Salesforce demo the other day when I spotted an impressive Lightning Component on the side of the Lead page. The Component looked the spitting image of iMessage or Whatsapp so it was immediately obvious what it was. The demo I was attending was from a well-known Recruitment platform based on the platform, as they are dealing with large volumes of candidates, SMS was a popular way to talk to their user base. The Component in question allowed the recruiters to have conversations with their candidates directly from the Salesforce record.

I knew that these solutions were about but had never seen one in the flesh, so I decided to try it out myself.

Salesforce & SMS

After seeing a live demo of the SMS capabilities of Salesforce through an app called Mercury SMS, it got me thinking of all the possible use cases that an app like this can be used for.

  • Following up with Leads after the initial phone call
  • Keeping in touch with some of your top Accounts
  • Bulk messaging users for marketing purposes
  • Providing updates to contact about a case they currently have open.

Whatever your business does, there is probably a nice use case for SMS messaging somewhere. In addition the particular app that I tried out worked seamlessly with Lightning and was extremely easy to setup. I was messaging my buddies in minutes!

SMS Features

To give you an overview of what these types of applications can accomplish I’d like to cover a few of the popular features that Mercury SMS has as standard and the installation process.


If you would like to give MercurySMS a go, you can easily install it from the AppExchange and obtain a free trial with a limited amount of SMS Messages. The process of installation is nothing more than filling in some fields and ensuring that the connected application has enough permissions in order to access the correct fields.

After this has been completed, you simply need to place the Lightning Component on the desired page and away you go!


I’m sure that Mecury SMS has many features that I will miss out here, but I’d like to give you an overview of my favourites from my initial evaluation.

  • The ability to send and receive messages from a live component.
  • SMS can be generated off of workflow rules in the system to automatically trigger messages
  • You can actually create records based off of incoming messages, for example create leads or cases when someone new messages in.
  • You can bulk send SMS for a marketing campaign or to alert users that you have an issue or bug.
  • You can update fields based on incoming or outgoing messages

If you would like to give MercurySMS a go, you can install it free from the AppExchange to trial it out. If you are interested in actually going ahead, SalesforceBen readers get a 10% discount off of MercurySMS using the code “SalesforceBen”.


14 thoughts on “Send and Receive SMS with Salesforce

  1. In 3 ways you can send SMS from Salesforce.
    In every option you have pros and cons and choose based on your criteria.

    1. Salesforce default SMS sending
    A. Cost wise very expensive in case of messaging.
    B.Some places you have to put your development efforts to make the process automatic.
    2. Integrate SMS gateway.
    N number of gateways in a market where you can choose and integrate.

    SMS prices are low.
    If you want to send SMS to different countries Integration is not a good option because International SMS gateway can not give SMS at local Price.
    You have to put your development efforts for dynamic message creation in triggers.
    You have to invest your money and time on every SMS template creation.

    3. You can find App in AppExchange.
    There are a few apps in AppExhnage which are providing complete automation.
    No development efforts.
    Like Email template you can create SMS template.
    You can send SMS with workflow where you need not to write triggers.
    If your option is 3 ? You can have a look at our ValueText SMS ( App ( at AppExchange.
    Best price and support guaranteed.

  2. Great spot! I like the concept, just need to file the solution away somewhere for when I asked for it 🙂
    Thank you

      1. Problem we discovered with SMSMagic is setting up a workflow is a PITA for as we need to reach out to them for every single change. After our contract was up we landed on 360smsapp because of their drag and drop worklfow builder and marketing sets it up without code. Overall pretty happy as I feel like marketing and sales are more effective now instead of sending continual request to Magic’s support team.

  3. Well, that was helpful for those who want basic functionality, i always find salesforceben as an answer to most of our solutions.
    If you are looking for more complex scenarios then we at 360 SMS App provides you batch texting sending sms on two objects at same time, Bulk SMS upto 40k in one go creating automated texts on the bases of keywords you mention also for those who use links in there sms and want to know the report so we have link tracking which will give a detailed report of number of clicks with date and time, Email to SMS for those who travel a lot and you can use email to send sms within salesforce and dont you worry as every detail will be logged in your salesforce. There are many more features which i would be happy to show in case you are interested in knowing more about 360 SMS App, you can reach me at [email protected].

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