Salesforce Partners With Typeface for Brand-Specific Generative Content Via Marketing GPT

By Lucy Mazalon

At the start of the month, Salesforce teased us with a new partnership between Salesforce and Typeface, a company that came into the limelight only a few months ago. 

Typeface delivers generative content (images and layouts) that are specific to your brand guidelines. But how does this work and how could it help you ‘level-up’ your content?

Typeface + Salesforce

Typeface will be connected into existing Salesforce products, and well matched with Marketing GPT.

The main messaging around Marketing GPT, the major announcement from the Connections event, is that not only will marketers gain efficiency in their days, but will also be able to scale content creation to achieve more advanced personalization – i.e. creating multiple content variations, each relevant to the recipient. 

Marketer users will interact with GPT by using natural language – conversational prompts that continually refine results until the marketer is satisfied with the information. You can an example of this in action below: 


While writing prompts, you can select from a number of content format options and templates:


How Does Typeface Work?

  • Leverage your organization’s style guides, messaging, and brand assets to create customized content. 
  • When creating generative content, leverage your data stored within Marketing Cloud (i.e. Marketing GPT). 
  • The Image Studio is similar to tools like DALL-E, which produces unique images, stylized to how you wish.
  • With Prompt, you can generate anything from a simple prompt, and refine as you go. 
  • Blend enables you to train the AI model over time according to your audience segments.

Typeface provides dedicated AI models for each organization, which translates to AI-generated content for different personas and audience segments without concerns about data leakage. 

You will still need to license both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Typeface. This partnership provides a powerful bridge between the two tools. 

Marketing GPT Content Creation is expected to start in pilot in October 2023, and GA in February 2024.


The exciting partnership with Typeface shows another way how Salesforce are enabling users to incorporate AI-driven content generation into their processes. Could this be the tool that helps you ‘level-up’ your content personalization?

The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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