30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

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Anyone reading this article will already know how lucrative a career in the Salesforce Market is, and if you don’t, just have a short browse through the Career section. There is still a big shortage of Salesforce professionals across the world, but with initiatives such as Trailhead, education of the platform is becoming accessible to anyone.

Before landing your first Salesforce Admin job, there are a few items you have to check off your list. Technical expertise, experience and wider industry knowledge. All 3 of these areas will be tested in your interview to ensure you are the right candidate for the job. A classic mistake is ignoring one of these three areas, you may know the difference between page layouts and record types, but if you can’t define SaaS or PaaS, the employer may be dubious of your technical expertise.


I wanted to cover off a question I get asked on a regular basis from candidates “What technical questions will I be asked in an interview?”. With my 5 years experience within the market I’ve put a list together of the most common questions you will be asked in a Salesforce Admin interview. I would also recommend this list for employers who are looking to vet their candidates.

General Cloud Computing

1. What is cloud computing?

2. What is SaaS?

3. What is PaaS?

4. What are the benefits of cloud computing?

User Management

5. What is a Role?

6. What is a Profile?

7. What is the difference between a role and profile?

8. What is a permission set?

Fields and Objects

9. How many relationship types are in Salesforce and what are they?

10. What is a lookup relationship?

11. What is a master – detail relationship?

12. What is the difference between a look up and master- detail relationship?

13. What is a junction object and how can it be created?

14. What is a roll-up summary field?

15. How can one create a roll-up summary field?

Security Setting

16. Is it possible to limit Salesforce via an I.P address, if so how?

17. Can more than one-person log into the same user at the same time?

18. Where are the base level sharing settings set for an object?

19. What is the difference between sharing rules and permission sets?

Automation and Validation

20. What is a workflow rule?

21. What business problems do approval processes solve?

22. Name the types of workflow actions supported?

23. Which options do you have to make a field required?

24. What are the differences between the Process Builder and a Workflow rule?

25. How is Apex used within Salesforce?

Reporting and Dashboards

26. How many types of reports does Salesforce support?

27. What kind of report can be used in a Salesforce dashboard?

28. How many components can a Salesforce dashboard support?

29.What is the difference between a Joined report and Matrix report?

30. Talk me through step by step how to create a report?

11 thoughts on “30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

  1. Avatar

    Brent it would be great if you also provided the answers for those who either do not know or are confused or thought differently

    1. Avatar

      Yes It will be great if you could provide answers to these questions as well. Also it will be great if you could provide market survey of Salesforce Admin jobs in India. There seems to be more number of Developer jobs and less of Admin jobs

  2. Avatar

    If anyone actually asked me these kind of memorization type interview questions I would have no interest in working for that employer. My suggestion to those reading this looking at a Salesforce career is looking for someone who will ask you to apply knowledge, not expect you to memorize something you can easily find by using Google.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Adam,

      While I agree with you that a quick fire round of questions like this would make for a terrible interview. I still believe that these questions are key in ensuring that you can answer them adequately. E.g. if you can easily explain what a master-detail relationship is, you should be able to apply this knowledge in a scenario based question asked by the interviewer.



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  4. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for the information.
    Can you please provide some question for a Salesforce consultant interview.

  5. Avatar

    I don’t understand how anyone could realistically ask for the answers to be provided for these questions. One of the key assets of a GOOD Salesforce Admin is that they are resourceful and know how to find the answers. I’m literally taken back by this.

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