The Ultimate Packing Guide for Salesforce TDX 2024

By Andrew Cook

Heading to a Salesforce conference like Dreamforce or TrailblazerDX can be an exhilarating experience, filled with many opportunities for learning, networking, and immersion in the latest innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, knowing what to pack is crucial for making the most out of your conference experience.

From the right tech gadgets to keep you connected, to comfortable attire that will carry you through long days of sessions and networking events, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll dive into the essential packing list for Salesforce conferences, ensuring you’re well-prepared to take full advantage of everything these incredible events have to offer.

What Should You Organize in Advance?

From packing the right shoes to downloading the right apps, let’s take a look at what you need to organize before you head out.

Battery Pack(s)

You will need a battery pack for your devices – there is no getting around this. However, the amount of battery packs you will need or their size will depend on various factors. The event in question, the device you own, and what sort of things you plan on doing will take its toll.

For example, going to Dreamforce and using your phone to take lots of photos and videos will drain your battery more so than going to Connections and using it just for the Salesforce events app to navigate the event. If you know you’re going to be using your device more, make sure you have a larger (or multiple) battery pack/s. 

Note: make sure it’s charged before the event!

Salesforce Events App

As mentioned above, the Salesforce Events app is your go-to companion for the ultimate experience while at Salesforce events. Through the app, you can view sessions and create your agenda, making it perfect for preparing for your event.

While at the event, you can view the event map to see where you need to go, complete surveys from sessions you have been to, and even keep track of your quest progress if you’re on the hunt for swag!


The general consensus for what clothes to pack has always been to pack lots of layers. However, your wardrobe will depend greatly on the event you’re going to, and more specifically where the event is taking place. Dreamforce and TrailblazerDX are in San Francisco, Connections is in Chicago, Tableau Conference is in San Diego, etc. The weather in these cities varies greatly, so pack appropriately for where you’re heading.

Don’t forget, along with the events, there are often activities in the evening. There’s Dreamfest, there’s the Trailblazer Celebration, and then there are many other parties such as the Salesforce Ben TDX After Party to name but a few. There isn’t normally a dress code for these events, but some people prefer to dress up more compared to what they wore during the day.


At a Salesforce event, you’ll be on your feet a lot, moving between sessions and exploring. Therefore, you need comfortable footwear! There are plenty of choices out there – just try and find something that works for you. Personally, the most comfortable sneakers I have found for events are Nike Air Max’s.

If you’re like me and very much like to be color-coordinated or just like the “Salesforce Blue”, here’s something I’ve learned: Nike always has quite a nice range of “University Blue” colored sneakers. The reason for this is that Michael Jordan attended the University of North Carolina, whose jersey is this shade of blue. So for those who wonder how I have so many “Salesforce Blue” sneakers, this is the reason.


You are also going to need a comfortable backpack; you’ll need something to carry all of the awesome swag you’re going to get. You’ll also need it for anything else you’re going to bring such as your laptop, tablet, layers of clothing, water bottle (see below), notepad, and pen (see further below).

Water Bottle

Salesforce events normally include lots of walking. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the event. There are always plenty of water stations around so it’s easy to fill them up when you need to.

Notepad and Pen

Fun fact: writing things down can significantly enhance your ability to absorb and retain information. Therefore, it’s a really good idea to bring a pen and notepad. This will enable you to make notes in any sessions you are in, while also not having to worry about running out of juice on your phone from constantly using your notes app.

Trailhead Login With Connected Dev Org

If you’re going to a Salesforce event such as Dreamforce, TrailblazerDX, World Tour, etc. this is something that will come in handy, especially if you want to win some swag!

There are often areas dedicated for you to complete certain trails on Trailhead of complete mini hacks where you build something based on a set of requirements.

I have lost count of the amount of time I have wasted in these areas trying to log in to my Trailhead account or my Dev org. So I now make sure to have my Trailhead username and password saved in a note on my phone to make sure I can easily log in. It may be worth logging in the day before the event to make sure the password doesn’t need to be changed and any authenticator apps are working as expected.

The real trick is if I need to complete a mini hack. Once I’m logged into Trailhead, I can go to my profile, then the Hands-On Orgs, where it will list all orgs linked to my account. Next to each one is a Launch button, which I can use to log straight in and start building.


Hopefully, you’ve found this list useful in what to pack for any Salesforce event. Each event is unique in its own way, so your list may need to be tweaked slightly depending on the event you’re going to and for how long. But this will definitely get you started and cover the fundamentals you will need to bring for any event.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Is there something you absolutely need to pack for any Salesforce event? Let us know in the comments below!

Heading to TDX?

Stop by the Salesforce Ben Happy Hour at 5 pm on March 7. We’ll be at House of Shields waiting for you with drinks, food, and conversation. 

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Andrew Cook

Andrew is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. He is 14x certified and has worked in the ecosystem for 12 years.

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