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Who Are the Salesforce Ben Expert Authors?

By Lauren Westwood

Here at Salesforce Ben, we are blessed with a lively community of over 300 authors, all keen to share their enthusiasm, ideas, and guidance to help Salesforce professionals learn and grow in their roles. We’ve gathered some of the best minds from this group to become our “expert authors” – they are all incredibly knowledgeable in their respective fields and produce regular content for our audience to enjoy.

You’ll have spotted some familiar faces in the ‘Class of 2023’, as well as some new names who have recently joined the team. So let’s say a warm, virtual hello to our experts as they continue to share their insights with us. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect to hear from them. Stay tuned!

Salesforce Ben Marketing Cloud Advisory Board

As well as our brilliant expert authors, we also have a fantastic advisory board of Marketing Cloud specialists on hand to share their feedback, insights, and expertise. Thanks to Eliot Harper, Greg Gifford, Zuzanna Jarczyńska for joining the team.

Meet the Expert Authors

Alex Crisp

“I work as the Chief Technical Officer of Seven20, a Salesforce AppExchange, which requires me to have both wide and deep knowledge of Salesforce, with a keen focus on delivering stellar user experiences that don’t just scale to the needs of one business, but that of thousands. This gives me a wealth of experience that I love to share with the community through my Salesforce Ben articles. It’s great to give a little back to such an amazing community.”

Alyssa Lefebvre

“I’m an 8x certified Salesforce professional, specializing in CPQ and Revenue Operations. I’ve held roles at ISVs, consultancies and end users, as well as a short stint as a Sales Engineer outside the ecosystem. In my time I’ve worked on complex CPQ projects, managed the Opportunity to Order process for a large end user and now head up the Revenue Operations System’s team, encompassing Salesforce, Hubspot, and more. 

“I love working with Salesforce as it combines logic with creativity and allows me to challenge myself day in and day out. I love solving problems for users to improve their overall experience, and no two days at work are the same which keeps life interesting!”

Ann-Marie Khor

“I’m a Salesforce Functional Consultant at Kliqxe, an acknowledged Salesforce implementation partner with a focus on the manufacturing industry. I started my Salesforce journey as an accidental admin in 2020, but I continue to get excited about unlocking the power of Account Engagement and the Salesforce ecosystem today.

“When I’m not at my desk, I’m probably working out (doing yoga, rhythmic cycling, or weightlifting!) or playing with my newly-adopted cat named Meowly Cyrus.”

Atlas Can

“I’m a 10x certified freelance technical consultant / developer and I love engaging with the Salesforce community, mostly on SFXD. I’ve taught myself English and programming over the years and love creating useful technical content for developers and admins. I’m a passionate learner who loves open-source, and believes sharing knowledge helps everyone involved. Also true to the Ohana spirit, I can usually be found near a beach in summer where I go surfing.”

Ausra Fletcher

“I’m a data analyst at Metomic. I work in the dynamic world of analytics, driven by a passion for storytelling through data and visualizations. I enjoy talking and teaching all things Tableau, sharing my expertise, and guiding others through the power of this transformative tool in shaping compelling data narratives.”

Hamza Abib

“I’m a 24x certified Salesforce Presales Architect. I have worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for nearly a decade, starting my journey as an Admin and serving as an architect on multiple Salesforce implementation projects. 

“I made the transition into Presales after recognizing its critical role in successful project implementations. My journey has given me a unique perspective, and I’m committed to helping others understand the power of PreSales in unlocking the full potential of not only Salesforce implementations, but also people’s careers.”

Jose Arroyo

  • Role/Expertise: Consultant, Business Analysis, Networking, Slack
  • Read more of Jose’s articles on Salesforce Ben
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“I am passionate about Salesforce communities – I enjoy connecting with fellow Trailblazers and helping to support newcomers along the way. On the subject of connecting, you can expect to see plenty of Slack content from me in the future.”

Megan Tuano

“As a Salesforce Consultant and Project Manager, my career is a fusion of tech expertise and innovation. I honed my skills in the tech space before delving into the world of Salesforce and I truly enjoy being at the center of growth in the tech space. My journey also includes being a tech-focused YouTuber, where I share careers and lifestyle insights within the tech realm.

“I love being a part of the Salesforce Ben team because it gives me the creativity to work with extraordinary people, explore my passions and experience to help drive Traiblazers to success in the Salesforce world, but most importantly have fun doing it! Catch me on YouTube for a fun day in the life of a Salesforce professional!”

Safiyyah Gareeboo

  • Role/Expertise: Consultant, Account Engagement (Pardot), Nonprofit
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  • Connect with Safiyyah on LinkedIn

“I am a Salesforce and Pardot Consultant who primarily works with Nonprofit clients, helping them to leverage the platform for impactful fundraising campaigns. I am a charity trustee and I’m passionate about mental health and crafting.”

Stacy O’Leary

“I do Salesforce consulting for start-ups! I specialize in getting new orgs up and running, training new users and admins, and setting up good data hygiene practices from the start. As a writer, my favorite topic is helping people get the most value from out-of-the-box Salesforce, and training content for new Salesforce Admins. I’ve spoken at Dreamforce, been featured on the #AwesomeAdmin YouTube Channel by Salesforce, and have been writing for Salesforce Ben for four years!”

Tim Combridge

“I have been working closely with the Salesforce Ben team for a number of years now and am passionate about sharing my knowledge of Salesforce Flow with other enthusiasts. I started Sensible Giraffe as a way to help newcomers learn the ropes and begin their Salesforce mastery journey, and to consult for small businesses who can’t necessarily afford support from larger Salesforce partners. I also help to co-lead the Brisbane Salesforce User Group and Trailhead Tuesday communities.

“I also have a deep connection with Vanuatu, where my father grew up and my grandparents lived for many years as missionaries.”

Timo Kovala

“Hi, the name is Timo, and I hail from Finland – the land of Santa Claus, sauna, salty liquorice, and people who wear bright-green boleros and shout “cha, cha, cha”!

“I am a solution architect at Capgemini, focusing on marketing automation and Salesforce. My background is in MOPS and marketing consulting. My job is to use technical solutions to solve customer pain points and business goals. My focus is on martech, data strategy, Account Engagement, Data Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.”

Tom Bassett

“I’m a Solution Architect based in the UK, who’s 26x Trailhead Certified, 11x Partner Accredited, and 1x Slack Certified. I’m a Trailblazer Community Answers Leader and Group Leader for London Architects.

“I specialize in B2B and like to write about Sales, Service, Account Engagement, Experience Cloud, Flow and (some) Developer Tools too. Nothing is off the table if I’ve had experience with it! I’m passionate about mental health, having started my career as a Salesforce Admin for The Samaritans, a suicide prevention charity.”

Final Thoughts

A fantastic group of content creators, we’re sure you’ll agree! We always look forward to hearing from our expert authors, so keep your eyes peeled for their next articles. From Flow to Marketing Cloud, and Admins to Developers, there’s something for everyone.

What topics would you most like to read about? Let us know in the comments below.

Interested in writing for us? We’d love to hear from you.

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