Introducing the Salesforce Ben Expert Authors!

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Salesforce Ben is a lively community of over 300 authors, all sharing their enthusiasm, ideas, and advice to help Salesforce professionals learn and grow. We’ve gathered some of the best minds from this group to become our “expert authors” – they are all incredibly knowledgeable in their respective fields and will be producing content every month for you to enjoy.

Let’s give a warm, virtual round of applause to welcome our experts as they kick off their new roles. Here’s a taster of what you can expect to hear from them in 2022 (and beyond). Stay tuned!

Tim Combridge

Hailing from “Down Under”, Tim is our go-to guy for anything to do with Salesforce Flow. You’ll also find out about the ‘treasure’ Tim uncovers with every new release before the release notes are even published. 

Expect great things this year from the ultimate “flownatic”.

Andreea Doroftei

You’re likely to recognize Andreea – she’s become our primary “AppAssessor”, reviewing a wide range of AppExchange apps, so you can make a more informed decision.  

Andreea has an unquenchable thirst for learning about Salesforce and helping the rest of the community – you’ll also sometimes find her on the “Answers Leaders” leaderboard on the Trailblazer Community!

Stacy O’Leary

After making (what she describes as) an unusual career transition from Early Childhood Education to the Technology industry, Stacy gained a unique set of skills applicable to every layer of business. Stacy has over a decade of experience using Salesforce, and seven years as a Salesforce Administrator – which many of our readers can relate to, I’m sure!

20+ posts later, we’re so excited to have Stacy on board!

Alyssa Lefebvre

Alyssa has built her career on CPQ, learning from the ground up. Early on in her career, Alyssa worked directly with customers on their CPQ implementations and has grown her knowledge and skills to become an in-house subject matter expert in CPQ for a global, enterprise business.

Megan Tuano

  • Area of expertise: Salesforce career advancement, Psychology in Technology. 
  • LinkedIn profile

Megan – AKA. Salesforce Megan – has gained admiration and respect from a sizable crowd around the Salesforce community. She’s best known for her YouTube channel – Salesforce with Megan – which aims to help professionals progress in their careers (which aligns perfectly with our mission here at!).

Alex Crisp

Alex is an absolute wizard when it comes to developing on Salesforce. He’ll be writing about Lightning Web Components, app development, and much more. Attention Developers – keep an eye out for his monthly articles!

Tom Bassett

Tom is a 16x Certified Salesforce Application Architect. He climbed to these dizzying heights having worked with the platform for just three years – so he’s certainly ambitious! Working at a Salesforce Consultancy, he’s also jumped at the opportunity to gain Partner Accreditations, which proves he knows a lot about many Salesforce topics.

Jordyn Jaffer

Jordyn is a Salesforce Marketing Champion, who is multi-talented across the Salesforce platform – from Salesforce administration, Salesforce development, marketing automation, and Experience Cloud! I’m sure you’re excited to learn more from her this year, especially for those in the Education sector, as she brings her experience to the table.

Oana Munteanu

Oana is a Salesforce Marketing Champion who will demystify all aspects of Marketing Cloud for readers of The DRIP. She works as a consultant, supporting clients to make informed decisions and improve their digital marketing strategy while maximizing their marketing automation technology.

Carl Mortimer

Carl is a data fanatic and our go-to person for anything about Pardot and Marketing Automation. He is a Salesforce Marketing Champion 2021, and 6x Salesforce Certified.

Carl will demystify all aspects of Pardot and Marketing Automation for readers of The DRIP.

Final Thoughts

We are looking forward to hearing more from our expert authors this year. From Flow to Marketing Cloud, and Admins to Developers, there’s something for everyone. 

What topics would you most like to read about? Let us know in the comments below.

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