How to Add Timers to Pardot Emails

By Lucy Mazalon

Adding a countdown timer to your emails is perfect for event dates that are fast approaching, limited-time promotions, or any other cases where your aim is to get a prospect focused on the date.

You may have seen these timers before – they display the days, hours, and minutes until the target date/time is reached, and tick away to prove that time (really is) passing away. Timers create urgency.

You may be wondering how you can add timers to emails, to your Pardot email templates, in particular. I was thinking the same. Then, the “Welcome to ParDreamin’ 2020” email landed in my inbox which answered, yes, this would be possible with Pardot.

Let’s take a look at the tool the team used for their countdown to ParDreamin’.

If you haven’t already, register for ParDreamin’, the first-ever community-led conference for Pardot fanatics.

Create a Countdown Timer for Email

The team used MotionMail, a free (with paid options) countdown generator. I checked out how easy it could be for a newbie to use.

You’ll find customisation options that you would expect – font, colours, timer style. It’s all WYSIWYG, so you can create one in next to no time (in fact, this took me less than 30 seconds from creating my account):

To remove the MotionMail logo, you need to buy the paid version (I will touch on pricing briefly shortly).

MotionMail generates a short code snippet for you to embed into your Pardot email template, that looks like this:

<img src="" alt="" />


MotionMail timer integration is compatible with Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and other popular email marketing platforms.


MotionMail also reports on timer statistics, the number of impressions, impression trends over time, and your most popular day:


There are free and paid tiers – surprisingly, the free tier does offer substantial functionality.

You can create an unlimited number of timers with the free version, which allows you 20k views/month – the only catch is that you have to keep the MotionMail branding on your timer (just like in the ParDreamin’ example) and you won’t be able to take advantage of their ‘dynamic language’ feature (which generates translations of the timer’s labels based on the email recipient’s preferred language).

Get Started

To get started with this great, free tool, head to the MotionMail website to create your account and first timer. 5…4…3…2…1…

The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.


    January 25, 2021 7:00 pm
    I use MailTimers to create countdown timers. There are a lot of timers templates and the image quality much better. It starts for free. On this site you can create timers from PSD layouts.

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