Get Creative – Change the Colors on your Dashboard!

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Now that the Salesforce Lightning Experience is at a place where most classic features have been ported over, we can start to have some fun and really reap the rewards of the Lightning architecture. The new Dashboard layout and the ability to now have over 3 columns in a dashboard, was once one of the most requested features EVER on the ideas exchange. Now we can choose all sorts of great components, resize them and position them to our liking, giving us great aesthetic dashboards.

In Spring ’18, the ability to heavily customise the colour scheme has been unleashed, with some fantastic results! The below image is an example of one of the 14 new colour schemes that are available in both light or dark to give your Dashboards that extra edge. It takes less than 5 minutes to get setup, just follow our tutorial below!

Color your Dashboards

Before putting your artistic hat on and sprucing up your Org with some fancy new color schemes, we have to add a permission to our user profile. This is a new permission that isn’t added by default to any profiles (Including System Administrator), and as all of your Certified Administrators should know, we can’t edit standard profiles, so let’s created a permission set!

  1. Navigate to Setup > Permissions Sets
  2. Create a new permission set called Dashboard Coloring or similar
  3. You will be able to find the specific permission under “System Permissions” and its called “Change Dashboard Colors”
  4. Once done, save the permission set and then add it to your user record and anyone else you feel is worthy enough.
  5. When this is added, navigate over to a Lightning Dashboard and click the little cog to jump into the settings

Once you have arrived here, you should be seeing a page similar to the screenshot on the right. Here you can select different color palettes, including a dark or light theme for each one. You can even control the light or dark setting per component, giving you that extra level of flexibility. Now go off and have some fun!

7 thoughts on “Get Creative – Change the Colors on your Dashboard!

  1. Wonderful article, Thanks Ben, for sharing a latest techniques to change colour of salesforce dashboard, it will help a lot for developers.

  2. .this will be great, especially for those who have visual impairments and need to have more contrast in order to view the information.

  3. FYI per the Salesforce Accessibility team ‘The “Mineral (Accessible)” dashboard palette was specifically designed for color blindness. When using this palette, chart pieces should be distinguishable by users with Deutan, Protan, and Tritan based color based visual impairments.

    This is a setting that the Dashboard creator would need to select for their users.’

  4. Thanks for this, but when I do it it changes the colour of the entire dashboard – ie it’s not poss to have different colours for different bars, or even for different graphs?

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