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The Salesforce Lightning Home Page remains pretty standard for a lot of my clients, but due to improvements over recent releases it’s now fully customisable. As recently mentioned in my post 4 Amazing Lightning Experience Features to Implement, this is a great way to bring relevant information to different sets of users across your business. Implement it now!


1. The first step you will need to take is to create the report that you wish to use as your basis for the Report Chart. The Lightning Component that we are going to use later on will only recognise Reports that use a chart within them, so when creating your report, ensure you add a chart with the correct groupings. You will also need to save the report in a public folder so that Salesforce and the rest of your users can access it. You should end up with something that looks like the below…


2. Next navigate to Setup > Lightning App Builder > New > Home Page and give your new Lightning Page a name. At the next step, ensure you clone your existing home page, this will ensure you keep most of the existing components.

3. Once you’ve entered the drag-and-drop interface of the Lightning App Builder we can start building out our page. Please note that here you can absolutely go mad with any Standard, Custom or Managed components that you can see on the left hand pane. But for this tutorial, go ahead and delete the standard “Quarterly Performance” component, and drag in the “Report Chart” component instead.

Now if you click on the Report Chart component, you will see a bunch of options on the right hand side, go ahead and fill in the relevant details while also selecting the report you created earlier. Please be aware that the Filter By option is only available for Report Chart’s in record pages. The chart also will only refresh every 24 hours, unless you specify a Refresh Now button where the users can opt to refresh at any time.

4. Now activate! Once you’re happy with how the component works, go ahead and click Save/Activate at the top right of the page. You will then be presented with the option to apply this layout to all profiles, or select profiles to display it to. Voila! Your users will have great, relevant data displayed to them every time they login…


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  1. Great article Ben, so much to tweak on the Home Page!! Can you tell me how to get rid of the component section on the right side of the home page? Thank you! Lily

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