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Can ChatGPT Replace a Salesforce Admin?

By Stacy O’Leary

A short while ago, ChatGPT burst onto the scene as a new player in generative AI. These tools have been around for a little while, but this one seems to have caught the public eye – it’s received a lot of attention, particularly in the Salesforce space. The number one question I hear asked about ChatGPT is this: “Is it going to replace a Salesforce Admin?”

My first thought was no, of course not – it can’t possibly be as good as a human! But then I figured (given that my entire job and income is potentially on the line if I’m wrong!) that perhaps I should look into this a bit more.

So, I asked ChatGPT the big question: “Will ChatGPT replace human Salesforce Administrators?” I suspected the answer might be an attempt to placate me into a less suspicious frame of mind. After all, in the event that ChatGPT is malicious and plotting to overthrow the entire human race, why would it answer my question honestly? As expected, this is the answer I got:

While this is very well written, more testing is needed. In order to understand whether there’s any likelihood of ChatGPT and other AI bots taking Salesforce Admin jobs, I decided to give it a few real-live questions that a user might ask. We’ll compare the answer that ChatGPT provides against the answer provided by an experienced Salesforce Admin.

User Request 1

In Salesforce, My SalesOps person needs to be able to move Opportunities out of Closed Won. How do I make her an Admin user so she can do this?

SF Admin Answer:

The request is to move Opportunities out of Closed Won – this is highly unusual and suspect in and of itself. That being said, a user does not need to be an admin to do this, and we would not give out admin permissions to do this task. In addition, further follow up is needed to find out why we need to move already won opps back to some other Stage.

ChatGPT Answer:

My Thoughts on the ChatGPT Answer:

It’s great for the first two paragraphs – no, we don’t give people “Admin” status just so they can edit something, even something big like Opportunity Stage. After that, it kind of goes off the rails. The org may or may not have record types, so all those related instructions may or may not be valid.

User Request 2

In Salesforce, I want a drop-down menu, but one of the options is open text so that sales reps can type in some text if their option isn’t already in the menu.

Salesforce Admin Answer:

That’s not possible. The closest thing we can do is create the drop-down menu, with a value called “Other”.

Then, a separate text box called “Other” requires the user to fill it out with a validation rule.

ChatGPT Answer:

My Thoughts on the ChatGPT Answer:

Where did that even come from? Has that ever been possible in Salesforce? For the record, I did try to follow those steps and I couldn’t do it anywhere. I also asked ChatGPT for a source on that answer and it could not provide one. While I briefly questioned my own sanity for a while, this is just wrong.

User Request 3

In Salesforce, I want to convert my Leads to a custom object rather than the Opportunity, Contact, or Account.

Salesforce Admin Answer:

You still have to convert the Lead, but after that, you can use a Flow or code to then create the custom object.

ChatGPT Answer:

My Thoughts on the ChatGPT Answer:

Again, it’s telling us to do something that’s not even possible! And where is it even getting this stuff? It’s not like there’s a lack of good Salesforce content on the internet.


Some of you more experienced admins might argue that I set up ChatGPT to fail here – that I asked these specific questions intentionally knowing it would probably get them wrong. Believe it or not, these three questions are real, and I’ve been asked all three in the last 30 or so days. 

Here’s why I chose all three: 

  • Question 1: Users sometimes assume that if they can’t do something, you must have to be a Salesforce Admin to do it. Based on this assumption, they request people to be made admins, or make sure that any new hires are admins. This happens all the time and it’s the number one thing I have to correct in new orgs. I asked this question because I wanted to see if ChatGPT would be able to advise a best practice (i.e. not making everyone an admin.)
  • Question 2: People love picklists, but some people (I’m looking at you, Sales!) also want open text. This question came about because someone wanted to create a Competitor list, but didn’t want to have to update the picklist every time a new competitor popped up. I was actually expecting ChatGPT to get this one right!
  • Question 3: This is the most recent question I got, and to be fair, it came up during a brainstorming session, so it wasn’t what you’d call a real ‘request’. I wasn’t sure what ChatGPT would come up with on this one, but I was definitely interested.

So where does this leave us? ChatGPT was not able to give a good, comprehensive, or even accurate answer to any of these three questions. In fact, if a new admin or user was asking these questions and trying to follow the directions, they’d probably be extremely confused and would have wasted a lot of time looking for things that don’t exist! With all this in mind, I am resolved in my decision that no, ChatGPT will not replace a human Salesforce Admin any time soon. 

However, there are areas where admins can take advantage of ChatGPT… Writing content is a big one. If an admin needs to write a lot of training content, this might be a good option to lighten some of that load. When asked a question like “How do I create an Opportunity in Salesforce?” ChatGPT delivered, and even included a clause noting that the steps may vary based on your Salesforce edition and setup.

With all this in mind, I feel secure in saying that ChatGPT is not going to replace humans any time soon – so rest easy, Salesforce Admins! If you’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT and found any Salesforce Admin tasks that the tool really excels at, please let me know in the comments below!

The Author

Stacy O'Leary

Stacy is a 5x Certified Salesforce Consultant & Full Time Mom.


    May 31, 2023 7:00 pm
    Hi Ben, I like the content that you make. I've also had this kind of experience while testing ChatGPT. Spend so much time to go over steps that ChatGPT provided but they were not correct or even exist. So this kinda proved me that my job will be secured. But I have also tested Truth GPT (I think that's the name of Elon Musk AI) and that was the last point where I eased my mind that SF admin position will not be replaced. Keep up the good work with making good content.
    Stephen Stanley
    May 31, 2023 10:23 pm
    I use ChatGPT to get me started when writing code - and also to help me debug lightning web components and it can be really helpful, but as you say, you have to know when it's just making stuff up. Three examples, ranked from almost forgivable to crass stupidity are: Almost Forgivable: I asked it to help to get parent record data for a child record and it suggested an approach that is possible in React.js but not supported in LWC. When I told it their approach wasn't supported by LWC, it tried again and gave me the same unsupported approach but using different variable names Crass Stupidity: I asked for a solution to generating a file preview within an LWC embedded in a flow. The solution it came up with was Aura based so not applicable to LWC and when I told it so, it invented a new LWC function that doesn't exist. When I told it that it had made it up, it came up with a feasible alternative approach. Criminal?: I asked for a test class with assertions for an Apex method which it generated. When running the tests, one of the assertions failed - the boolean result should have been TRUE, but the assertion failed with a value of FALSE. I asked it how to fix the code. The solution it proposed was to add a line to the test method before the assertion, setting the boolean variable to TRUE. Yes, the test would pass, but the code would still have a bug!
    May 31, 2023 11:13 pm
    Yes, I totally agree chatgpt cannot replace Humans. I have observed this behaviour from past 2 weeks. Rather we can use it as a tool
    June 01, 2023 1:14 am
    The key statement here is “…ChatGPT will not replace a human Salesforce Admin any time soon…”. The fact that it learns after each conversation it’s just a matter of time; and all Salesforce roles will be impacted (just a matter of time). It’s an ethical and social responsibility issue that needs to be addressed, regulated, and companies held accountable. The US Department of Labor has projected top 20 jobs that will have the biggest increase; more than 60% of those jobs have a median annual income lower than todays average median income. The jobs are manual and/or require physical skills that AI can’t perform yet.
    June 01, 2023 5:20 am
    Describing complex formulas. Take any complex formula in Salesforce, paste into chat gpt and it will do a decent job of describing what it going on.
    June 01, 2023 2:27 pm
    Great article and exactly my thoughts.
    Stuart Gascoyne
    June 01, 2023 2:34 pm
    The Salesforce Admin answer to Question 3 is wrong on two counts. First you cannot convert the lead to a custom object after the standard Lead conversion process because the lead is deleted. Second you dont have to convert the lead at all. I had a use case recently where the Lead is retained on the system but a custom object is created from it.
    June 01, 2023 8:40 pm
    Would EinsteinGPT be different than using ChatGPT for Admins looking for answers to these questions or is it used for a different purpose? For newer admins that want to assistance in their work, is there a better AI tool than ChatGPT that is currently more accurate?
    June 02, 2023 6:54 am
    ChatGPT gives wrong answers for simple questions. Salesforce is still far from it. Try this question to ChatGPT How to mark important in outgoing emails in gmail?
    June 03, 2023 12:20 am
    The user questions are visibly different than the ai rhetorical questions. Are the rhetorical questions that ai shoots back, correct?
    June 04, 2023 3:51 pm
    I gave it a few tests too...nothing too hard and it failed miserably. Not sure where it got this totally inaccurate stuff from.
    June 05, 2023 3:54 pm
    I found that ChatGPT was really helpful correcting formulas that I was trying to use in Flow. I would get an error when I checked the syntax, put the formula into ChatGPT and ChatGPT would then spit out the corrected formula. It has helped me make some pretty complex formulas for naming Opportunities based on user input.
    Stacy O'Leary
    June 08, 2023 4:42 pm
    Stacy O'Leary
    June 08, 2023 4:45 pm
    Absolutely - it's definitely something that we need to monitor and be cautious of!
    Stacy O'Leary
    June 08, 2023 4:48 pm
    Hi Julie - that's what surprised me as well! There's so much great content out there, it makes me wonder what is going wrong on the backend. Is assuming that all CRM's are the same, and consolidating answers for multiple CRM's? Is it just picking very old content to read from? Is it just making assumptions based on what you can do coding something new from scratch? I don't know, but I'm really hoping it can start producing some source information in the future. Thanks for reading!
    Stacy O'Leary
    June 08, 2023 4:50 pm
    Hi Rosie, I found the same thing as well! Those formula and validation rule errors are incredibly annoying to me - but Chat GPT actually did a pretty good job of fixing them!
    sam m
    June 28, 2023 1:27 pm
    Was that using GTP3.5 or 4? I've found 4 to be orders of magnitude better
    July 11, 2023 3:16 pm
    Leads are not deleted after conversion. They are hidden to anyone who does not have the system permission "View and Edit Converted Leads", this is why an admin with this permission can still view them, adjust data if necessary, and make a custom report type where you can see Leads where IsConverted = TRUE, this is also why your storage usage doesn't decrease once you convert a Lead, it increases. You can trigger processes post conversion using the original Lead record, another cool way would be to create custom trigger for conversion that could enable processes during conversion as one action.
    July 11, 2023 3:29 pm
    My biggest concern with ChatGPT in our industry is not that it will replace us Admins but that it will be used or seen as a replacement for the front level salespeople we create processes for and train, not only in SFDC usage but also conversational styling, negotiation, pipeline management, etc. These are essential skills that propel the business forward from the front line that I spend a lot of time helping others develop, and in my opinion, we need these front line people to understand the context of a conversation in order to properly qualify and push the pipeline forward. I'm sure all of you can easily tell when someone from a SaaS company, trying to sell you on a new SFDC adjunct, is using something like, Outreach, or another service to expand the reach of their SDRs. But for me, if you try and sell me without talking to me, I can tell and I don't care after that. It better be a very, VERY, good solution, (probably recommended to me by someone I trust), before I even consider looking at your website. However, a good SDR can change my mind by acknowledging me. There's a science to concepts like Solution Selling, Challenger Sales, Predictable Revenue, emotional intelligence in sales, and psychological understanding of your prospect, but there's also an art to it. If we start leaning on ChatGPT or similar to overly optimize these processes, we not only start to degrade the entire process, but we as admins and SalesOps professionals will stop learning from our mistakes when it comes to a conceptual understanding of our targets. I am personally not very excited about what this tech is going to bring to our business.

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