7 Cool Things You Can Do With Survey Forms & Salesforce

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Survey forms are a great way to get real-life answers and opinions from the people that matter most to your organization. Integrating survey tools with Salesforce adds the obvious benefit of having this feedback stored in your CRM and linked to all the other information you have on a contact. There are a lot of other neat things that you can do with survey tools when you start linking them to Salesforce. Here are 5 ideas to get you started!

1. Prefill Information into Surveys Through a Link


Example of a prefill link containing a Salesforce merge field.

Tip: Surveys are a big ask, no matter the length, subject, or customer. With a Salesforce-integrated survey solution, you can pre-fill existing customer data such as Name, Email, and Company into survey forms.

Benefit: Your customers have less work to do if you pre-fill information that you already have.

Real-Life Example: 1871, a coworking space in Chicago, administered bi-yearly surveys to members and used prefiling to fill forms out with information already stored in Salesforce. This helped them improve their response rates by lessening the burden on members.

2. File Uploads in Survey Forms

A file upload shown in Salesforce.

Tip: Sometimes you may want to include a file upload field in your survey to allow users to upload images to support their answers or explain something visually. Using a survey solution that both connects to Salesforce and allows file uploads allows you to store those images in Salesforce and attach them to the account associated with the survey.

Benefit: You get a better picture (literally) of your customer feedback and more visibility into their issue, not to mention the ease of having supporting files stored right there in Salesforce.
Example: Use this for satisfaction surveys on an ecommerce site after a customer has purchased a product. If the customer was satisfied with a purchase, you might want them to upload a picture showing the product in use that you could use for marketing. Alternately if they were unhappy, a file upload could allow them to send a picture of a damaged or incorrect product, allowing your customer service reps to correctly address the problem. Either way, having this images stored in Salesforce helps you centralize information related to a survey response.

3. Send Partial Survey Responses to Salesforce

Tip: A lot more people will likely start your survey than finish it. If your survey forms aren’t optimized for this possibility, you could miss out on a lot of great customer information. Some survey tools allow you to send partial survey results to Salesforce, meaning you still get some information stored in your account.
Benefit: You get results even if your customers don’t fill out the entire survey, and your customers, well, they don’t have to complete the whole survey.

4. Send Links to Survey Forms Through Salesforce Email

A Salesforce email containing a prefill link to a survey.

Tip: The more integrated your systems are, the less you have to jump between them to get work done. Sending your survey forms through Salesforce (as a link in a Salesforce email or email template) is just one more way you can make things easier on yourself.

Benefit: With just a link (prefilled or not) send survey forms through Salesforce for easier, quicker survey administration.

Real-Life Example: Clore Social Leadership, a nonprofit that offers leadership development programs, sends out invitations for people to fill out feedback surveys by Salesforce email.

5. Centralized Customer CRM Review

A custom object containing feedback results.

Tip: Store feedback results in a single custom object that ties back to the account, contact, or any other objects you have set up in your Salesforce environment.

Benefit: This allows anyone in your organization from any department to see what is going on with your customers interactions at various touch points. You wouldn’t want your Customer Support Managers asking for a renewal right after a negative support issue.

6. Account Health Status

Quick snapshot of customer feedback in Salesforce.

Tip: Collecting your feedback and storing it in a custom object allows you to roll up that data and present it on the Account page in real time. Combine this with custom images in Salesforce and you have a mini dashboard that’s updated instantly and accessible by all. Flexibility in the timeframe you display is up to you (e.g. monthly, yearly, rolling 90 days, etc).

Benefit: You and others in your organization gain customized, real-time visibility into the status of your account health.

Example: This tip and the previous one (#5 & #6) might be especially helpful if your executives need quick updates on survey results and don’t want to hunt around in your systems for that information.

7. Automate your Feedback Closed Loop Process

A Salesforce task related to a low customer survey score.

Tip: Use a survey solution that allows you to apply logic to your mappings to create tasks or update Chatter posts. This practice ensures that survey results are linked to action and don’t just sit in Salesforce forever.

Benefit: Let’s be honest. Most companies don’t do a very good job of acting on their feedback. Automating this allows you to incorporate this into your feedback strategy and make it easy for employees to follow with the appropriate response.

Example: There are many ways to put this tip to use. Have a task created in Salesforce when you get a bad survey score for someone to follow up; update a Chatter post with different messages, one for a great score and another for a negative score; or identify potential case studies for marketing by creating a task or opportunity when you get a perfect score or glowing reviews.


However you look at it, it’s a smart decision to integrate your survey forms with Salesforce. Try one of the tips above to make your survey forms that much better and more successful.

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