Next Gen Sales Cloud Revealed: New Free Salesforce Features

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Today, Salesforce has announced their next generation of Sales Cloud, for a remote, digital-first world. This includes 7 new features, some of which are generally available today, as well as others that will roll out over the coming weeks and months.

Sales Cloud 360 has been designed for the world that we are living in today. 61% of sales people believe their roles have changed permanently since COVID-19 began, and 51% expecting to travel less than they did pre-pandemic. Does this mean the era of zoom meetings are here to stay?

Sales Cloud 360 is still the same product you know and love, but with additional features to help your sales team deal with the new normal.

“We’ve reimagined Sales Cloud to guide every company as they rethink the digital sales experience, from leads to coaching to processing revenue.” Warren Wick, Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Cloud

So let’s get started diving into some of these new features that are going to help companies accelerate growth in the new normal.

1. Pipeline Inspection

The first exciting feature in Sales Cloud 360 is Pipeline Inspection. This is a new interface to provide managers with detailed insights into the performance of their team.

Pipeline Inspection allows week over week comparison, highlighting Opportunities that might need particular support or coaching.

Pipeline Inspection is free for Performance & Unlimited editions and generally available in Summer 2021.

2. Salesforce Meetings

Salesforce Meetings were announced last year and are a core part of the new Sales Cloud 360.

Salesforce Meetings provides a new Meetings Digest screen to help users prepare for a call, an interface during the call, as well as provide automated action items after the call.

Salesforce Meetings is free and generally available from today.

3. Global Models for Opportunity Scoring

Opportunity Scoring was one of the first Einstein features to be released for free. This gives you the ability to use powerful AI analysis to gain positive or negative insights into an Opportunity and its probability of closing.

Before today, Opportunity Scoring required a minimum of 200 closed won and 200 lost Opps in order for the analysis to work. However, Salesforce has created Global Models, meaning businesses can get started before they have enough of their own data.

Global Models for Opportunity Scoring is free and generally available from today.

4. Einstein Conversation Insights

A trend that is emerging to help salespeople have more meaningful conversations, Einstein Conversation Insights automatically analyses video call transcripts and provides feedback.

This provides insights such as trending product names, keywords, and any competitor mentions. This analysis can help managers customize training for their sales team, in a world where they can’t walk the sales floor.

Einstein Call Insights is a paid add-on and is generally available today.

5. In-App Learning for myTrailhead

myTrailhead is Salesforce’s Learning management platform where you can create custom learning modules related to your business and industry.

With the announcement of In-App Learning, sales teams can view relevant enablement materials, such as competitor analysis, and training materials for new reps, all from within Sales Cloud.

In-App Learning with Trailhead is a paid feature and will be generally available in Summer 2021.

6. Tableau Business Sciences

AI-powered predictions, insights, and automated explanations with Tableau Business Science lets sales teams analyze data and make smart decisions, faster, without relying on a data scientist—for example, when updating quotas, looking at forecast accuracy or reassessing selling strategies—all using clicks, not code

Tableau Business Science will be generally available later this month.

7. Mulesoft Composer

Salesforce has reimagined Mulesoft, by embedding the low code integration platform inside of Salesforce.

Mulesoft have taken their Anypoint platform, and created an even more declerative focussed tool. This is aimed at Salesforce Admin’s so that they can create powerful integrations using out of the box connectors.

Mulesoft Composer is a paid product and is generally available today.

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