10 Salesforce App Certifications to Achieve

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While all Salesforce professionals know and love the value of their Salesforce Certifications, did you know there has been a rise in the number of Salesforce AppExchange partners (ISV’s) offering certifications for their products?

Although these can be considered more niche than Salesforce certifications, the use of certain types of Apps are becoming more popular by the day (Check out Best Salesforce Apps 2021 for more details). So these credentials can be a definite asset to add to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Here is a selection of the most notable…

1. Gearset

Gearset is one of the largest Salesforce DevOps platforms exclusively for Salesforce. Over the past year with the world moving remote, as well as frustrations building up with native Salesforce deployment tools, DevOps platforms have taken over.

Getting trained, and certified in DevOps is a must for any Salesforce professionals, and seeing as it’s all free, why not check out the Gearset DevOps Launchpad?

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Gearset | DevOps Tools For Salesforce Professionals

2. FormAssembly

FormAssembly is a leading web form platform for Salesforce. They provide the ability to create scalable, dynamic forms to collect data from customers, partners, or users, for any variety of reasons.

Form Building apps are commonly used among Salesforce customers, so it’s a good idea to check out FormAssembly’s certification program here.


3. Copado

Copado is another leading DevOps provider for the Salesforce platform. They provide a variety of DevOps training resources through their Academy, as well as being the first ISV to feature modules on Trailhead.

In addition to the training resources, they also have a certification program that is recognised throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.

1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce - Copado

4. Conga

Conga is one of the most well-known names across the Salesforce AppExchange. They first started with document generation, but have expanded to include eSignature, Contract Lifecycle Management, and CPQ in their suite of products.

Conga and document generation, in general, is used by a lot of Salesforce customers, so knowledge of these tools is always going to be useful. Check out their certification paths here.

Conga | Investment | Insight Partners

5. Docusign

Although Docusign isn’t an exclusive Salesforce partner, they are the largest company on this list and one of the pioneers of eSignature. It will be rare that you will join a business that doesn’t use eSignature, and as Docusign are the largest provider out there, it’s not a bad idea to get certified!

You can find the extensive list of Docusign’s credentials here, this includes eSignature, CLM, among other products.

DocuSign | #1 in Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud

6. Formstack

Formstack is another well known ISV that provide a range of 100% native Salesforce solutions, including, Document Generation, eSignature and Form Building.

Formstack has a number of different credentials available that align with its suite of products.

File:Formstack Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

7. Flosum

Flosum is another DevOps provider for the Salesforce platform. They offer multiple solutions including Release Management & DevOps, Data Migration, and Backup.

They have two learning paths, Professional, and Expert. Check them out here.

Flosum Native DevOps Solution Shows Continued Strength

8. WalkMe

WalkMe market themselves as a “Digital Adoption Platform”. Their tools help users become more familiar with the systems they use, such as Salesforce and therefore increase adoption.

WalkMe have a dedicated portal for training and certifications, check them out here.

WalkMe™ - Digital Adoption Platform

9. Metazoa

Metazoa is the 4th and final Salesforce DevOps platform on this list. Metazoa sells itself as an “End-to-End Org Management Solution”, with solutions that go beyond just DevOps to help you manage your Org.

Metazoa has a certification and training course for their Snapshot product that you can check out here.

10. LeanData

LeanData are a data and productivity company that helps businesses with their suite of products to route leads, match existing leads with accounts, and run engagement analytics.

They offer a variety of self-paced, and live course sessions that you can view here.

Branding Guide | LeanData


With 91% of the Fortune 500 installing an AppExchange App, it’s a great idea to get certified with some of the companies above, to bulk out your CV. Having experience across some of the main categories of Apps such as Document Generation & DevOps, will help with your day-to-day operations, and your future career prospects.

Best of luck, and let us know if we’ve missed any out.

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