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Top 20 Salesforce DevOps Training Resources

By Vernon Keenan

Salesforce DevOps has exploded into prominence over the last few years because it helps companies deliver better enterprise applications faster. DevOps education is wide ranging and overlaps with traditional Salesforce training. This is because DevOps tends to dip into advanced system administration and developer activities, but there are also general DevOps skills that aren’t Salesforce specific.

To help Salesforce Ben readers get ahead in this hot topic, I completed the research and put together a list of the best Salesforce DevOps education resources. I’ve included some advanced Salesforce content as well as cloud-native DevOps training courses. To create this list, I searched YouTube, platform vendors, blog sites, and online courses for Salesforce DevOps content. So, without further ado, here are the top 20 Salesforce DevOps training resources!

Blogs, News Sites, and Podcasts

Some of the best Salesforce DevOps news and views are to be had on popular Salesforce-oriented blogs, news sites, and podcasts:

  • Salesforce Ben: A quick Google search confirms that Ben McCarthy and his team publish Salesforce DevOps content from users and vendors on a frequent basis. And be sure to subscribe to Salesforce Ben’s YouTube channel to keep up with their helpful webinar content.
  • On my own blog site I publish frequent analysis and product information on Salesforce DevOps – subscribe to the Keenan Vision Podcast for my interviews with industry thought leaders.
  • Brainiate Show: David Giller produces podcasts and videos for the Salesforce community. The show includes developer and DevOps topics.
  • Good Day, Sir!: This somewhat irreverent podcast from Jeremy Ross and Jon De Santiago gives a realistic picture of everyday developer life.
  • Salesforce Developer Podcast: Josh Birk goes deep in a series of interviews with technical leaders in the Salesforce industry. He helps listeners gain insights into how Salesforce is built.
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There are several DevOps and Salesforce courses on Udemy worth checking out:


Coursera is a more formal training environment where university-level content is made available to the public. There are a few generalized DevOps courses worth considering:


These YouTube channels showcase highly skilled people sharing their knowledge for you! Many of these videos make it easier to follow along with ‘how-to’ instructions, and some instructors are really able to get their point across in video format. Here are the YouTube channels I follow to keep up with Salesforce DevOps:

Vendor-Based Training

Here are the Salesforce DevOps training opportunities offered by vendors who also sell software and services. This content usually focuses on vendor-specific software features. I point out the parts on each vendor’s site that provide the most fundamental training on DevOps.

Salesforce Trailhead

Trailhead uses a story-based approach punctuated by quizzes and learning labs. And since it is easy to navigate, Trailhead is a familiar learning platform for most Salesforce users and learners. There are two DevOps-specific trails on Salesforce Trailhead:


AutoRABIT has extensive resources and a blog site with many eBooks, articles, webinar replays, and blog posts on Salesforce DevOps. This includes some generalized information, and many of the posts are related to AutoRABIT products and services.

The AutoRABIT Academy is a fully-fledged online learning platform. The platform is more traditional, or older, than comparable systems like Trailhead. There is one free certificate course on general DevOps education.

AutoRABIT also offers several courses dedicated to AutoRABIT product training. Most of these courses require payment to receive a certificate.


Copado has a DevOps Resource Hub loaded with industry studies, analyst reports, and blog posts. The Resource Hub is a great learning resource for platform owners and architects, and it’s also the best source for generalized DevOps information on the Copado website.

Copado has a frequently updated YouTube channel where they re-broadcast webinar content, as well as publish bite-sized demonstrations and training content.

Copado Academy is a full-featured training system for Copado customers and consultants. It operates much like Salesforce Trailhead, where users get badges for completed course items. Like Trailhead, Copado Academy uses playground orgs to give you a complete training environment.

Copado Academy also offers a series of complementary and paid certification courses. Paid certifications cover Copado fundamentals, consultant, and testing services.


The Flosum website has an integrated resource center where they present general DevOps information in the form of blog posts. They also have a certification program where you can take online classes to gain a Professional or Expert level certification.


Gearset continues to be the Salesforce DevOps vendor sharing the most freely available documentation on DevOps. It has an independently branded online learning center called DevOps Launchpad, which offers about a dozen online Salesforce DevOps classes – these work very much like Salesforce Trailhead.

The Gearset website has industry education resources available to anyone in its eBooks and whitepapers section. Plus, Gearset’s blog site has plenty of insightful posts.

Most of the documentation site is dedicated to learning about Gearset. However, there is one section entitled “Salesforce DevOps: Explore the possibilities of modern development practices for Salesforce”, which provides some easy-to-digest information.


Prodly offers free, five-class live DevOps 101 training over a two-week period – sign up for free at the Prodly website. The five sessions cover DevOps governance, release management, CI/CD and version control, and testing.

Prodly has a frequently updated YouTube channel. Videos are curated in the webinar section, including a recording of the DevOps 101 class.

Time to Learn

Thank you for reviewing my list of Salesforce DevOps training resources for 2022. I hope this helps you on your personal development journey. If you have any questions, corrections, or suggestions about this list, put your comments below or hit me up on LinkedIn. See you next time!

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