Best Salesforce Apps in 2022 [+ Infographic]

By Ben McCarthy

The AppExchange is one of the best features on the Salesforce platform. The ability to install an app in your CRM as easily as you can on your iPhone, is a huge win for those businesses that are constantly looking to innovate on behalf of their users.

But with over 4,000 Salesforce apps available on the AppExchange, how do you know which are the best for your business? We’ve chosen these apps based on how effectively they extend the Salesforce platform, as well as how much impact they can have for your business.

Let’s take a dive into some of the best and most relevant apps of 2022…

Chatbot Apps

Chatbots are becoming big business in the world of B2B. It’s rare that you will visit a SaaS website and not be prompted by a little widget in the bottom right-hand corner that lets you speak to a bot or – in some cases – a real person.

Connecting chatbots to Salesforce is a no-brainer, as you can directly integrate new customer enquiries as Leads, or customer support requests as Cases.

Some of the most popular chatbots for Salesforce include:

Email Integration

Whilst Salesforce has native integrations for popular email tools such as Gmail and Outlook, there are a variety of apps that take this integration to the next level.

For example, tools like Revenue Grid and Ebsta provide deal acceleration tools alongside powerful email integrations, helping you with buying signals of prospects. Tools like Riva have extremely customizable sync mechanisms, which means you are only syncing the information you need.

DevOps Apps

The Salesforce DevOps space is really heating up in 2022. There have been a number of large investments into a few AppExchange apps, which shows that investors are placing big bets on this space exploding.

Why is Salesforce DevOps becoming so popular? The reason is pretty simple. As the Salesforce platform becomes more complex, Salesforce’s native deployment tools (such as change sets) start to slow things down. Enter Salesforce DevOps tools to ensure companies can deploy in a rapid manner.

The Salesforce DevOps landscape is vast, and I would recommend reading this post to help get to grips with it. Some of the market leaders include Gearset, Copado, Autorabit, and Flosum.

If you are an admin or sales ops professional interested in deploying faster, I recommend checking out Prodly who focus on Application Operations.

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Form Apps

Form apps provide a simple yet very effective way of collecting data and integrating it directly into the Salesforce platform.

They allow you to create amazing looking forms to collect data for events, surveys, feedback, or pretty much any other use you can think of. Using a drag and drop interface, you can choose the type of input field, branding, colors, and dependencies, as well as which fields you want to update in Salesforce when a form has been submitted.

Some of the most well known apps in this space include FormAssembly, Formstack, and 123FormBuilder.


Electronic signature tools have become the default in getting contracts signed quickly and efficiently.

Whilst Salesforce doesn’t provide any eSignature tools themselves, there is a huge selection of native and integrated apps that get the job done. As this is a fairly evolved type of product, a lot of apps such as Conga, Docusign, and Formstack will also provide extra functionality such as document generation.

Process & Impact Analysis Apps

As Salesforce orgs grow in size and complexity, it can be hard to ensure that you’re not going to break something by deploying a new feature. It can also be a challenge to match up the technical implementation of features, with the actual process that has been defined by the business.

Some are calling these tools “change intelligence”, and they often include impact analysis, to help you understand what will be affected by your changes, as well as process mapping features.

Some of the leaders in this space include Sonar, Elements.Cloud, and Panaya ForeSight. Happy Soup is a free impact analysis tool you might also want to check out.

Document Generation Apps

The Salesforce doc gen space probably has one of the largest market shares across all 4,000+ apps. It’s functionality that Salesforce hasn’t really offered (apart from in CPQ), which has made way for a great selection of partners.

Document generation apps allow you to create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF docs using your Salesforce data. You can create fancy quotes or contracts directly from the Opportunity record, or maybe even generate a Statement of Work. This can save businesses huge amounts of money, as well as time in wasted admin hours.

Some of the best apps out there include Conga, S-Docs, Nintex, Docomotion, Formstack, PandaDocs, and airSlate.

Finance Apps

As a CRM, Salesforce isn’t a finance system, but thanks to a clever few in the ecosystem, your CRM can be seamlessly integrated into finance. This transforms billing and invoicing processes into a smooth task.

Apps such as Accounting Seed, Zumzum, and Financial Force have native accounting and ERP applications built directly on Salesforce.

Place Technology allows you to accurately recognize revenue and forecast.

Backup Apps

While data backup isn’t the sexiest of tools, it is one of the most important. Salesforce has a variety of backup options available, but none are as comprehensive as some of the following AppExchange apps.

These apps back up your data, as well as your metadata, ensuring that both your customer data and your configuration are protected in the event of loss.

There is a nice variety of backup apps on the AppExchange. Some of the leaders include Spanning Backup, OwnBackup, Odaseva, and CloudAlly.

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Telephony and SMS

Telephony integration is another type of app that can have a major impact on your Salesforce org. Allowing sales, support, and customer success reps to receive and make calls directly from Salesforce is a game changer. Tools such as AirCall, Natterbox, Ring Central, and Vonage are some of the leaders in this space.

SMS is also becoming the new norm for communicating with leads and prospects. Check out Mogli and Avochato to see how you can integrate SMS into your customer communication.

Data Cleansing Apps

Data will always be an important topic in the world of CRM. As businesses place Salesforce at the center of their business, a greater amount of data is being collected and processed than ever before. And, with the rise of Salesforce’s AI layer, Einstein, data needs to be clean in order to take advantage of these game-changing features.

The Salesforce AppExchange has a wide variety of data cleansing apps. These include deduping tools that can help businesses with existing duplicate issues to cleanse their database. Two of the market leaders include DemandTools and Cloudingo.

You also have powerful dupe blocking tools that go beyond the standard Salesforce functionality to ensure your data stays clean – for example, DupeCatcher. Duplicate Check offers duplicate cleaning and prevention functionality in a single app.

Digital Adoption Apps

CRM technology has advanced so much in the past few years, even the age-old problem of user adoption can be solved! Adoption is usually a hot topic in any system implementation, but luckily there are apps out there that focus on exactly that.

Market leaders such as Whatfix, WalkMe & Improved Apps have built apps that allow users to receive on-demand personalized tips and training to help them navigate Salesforce.


Taking payments directly from Salesforce has been made easy thanks to apps such as Blackthorn, FinDock, and Asperato.

Some of these apps can be setup with your existing Salesforce processes using tools like Flow, allowing you to seamlessly take payments over the phone and online.

Customer Success

Whilst a lot of apps on this list have focussed on the sales process, there are also apps available for customer success. Apps like TaskRay, Gainsight, and Precursive are perfect for customer success – they enable you to create templates that allow your team to guide a customer through the onboarding process.


The AppExchange is a huge selling point of the Salesforce platform. If you haven’t yet dived into the many apps available, now is your chance.

Most of the apps mentioned have the ability to completely transform the way your business operates using Salesforce, so the potential opportunity is huge. The majority of apps listed will also provide a free trial, so there’s no credit card needed – try before you buy!

Have we missed your favorite Salesforce app off the list? Let us know in the comments below…

The Author

Ben McCarthy

Ben is the Founder of Salesforce Ben. He also works as a Non-Exec Director & Advisor for various companies within the Salesforce Ecosystem.


    April 29, 2021 4:55 pm
    You should add one more Data Cleansing app to the list - No Duplicates. The app is FREE and has many features like cross object matching, reporting, fuzzy search and so on
    April 29, 2021 9:27 pm
    Document Generation Apps also including Adobe Sign which is on par with all the options mentioned
    Chris Gallagher
    April 30, 2021 6:49 pm
    For Doc Gen Smart Comm for Salesforce is superb. More expensive but offers more functionality and scalability than others I would say.
    May 25, 2021 8:32 am
    It would be great to see in this list some Salesforce native project management apps as well, such as Inspire Planner, TaskRay, Cloud Coach, etc.
    June 02, 2021 7:08 pm
    If you’re looking for a unique Salesforce App that helps change your work from home company culture by boosting your teams morale and giving management transparency into the good work that’s being done, check out Recogo (spoiler, I created it, but seriously it’s already making life better and increasing Salesforce adoption!) it lets you send recognition to people within your organization and let’s managers see the people behind the scenes doing all the work!
    July 31, 2021 8:13 pm
    You should add Titan to this list. Titan Forms for form builder, and Titan Docs and Titan Sign for document generation. This app is the best for the job and makes our Salesforce implementations smooth and easy!
    April 04, 2022 2:57 pm
    Apsona Dedupe and Match is a great tool and is reasonably priced.
    April 04, 2022 3:34 pm
    I Think an area that would be nice to cover as well would be ETL tools like mulesoft or a workato,e tc.
    Virginia Gordon
    April 05, 2022 3:33 am
    StoreConnect is a relative new kid on the block but are tackling the eCommerce sphere for small to medium businesses, who would otherwise be on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and the like. It allows SMBs to compete against the big guys with a completely native Salesforce experience, allowing them to leverage the full power of their Salesforce investment without having to have plugins and API connectors to make everything talk to each other., with conflicting sources of truth of customer data.
    Ben McCarthy
    April 05, 2022 9:19 am
    Thanks Jason, we're always looking to improve with each iteration, so will look to do this on the next one.
    Brijesh Popat
    April 06, 2022 8:02 am
    I think in 'Forms' category, you can review and consider: : Survey Vista : 100% Native Salesforce Surveys, Forms, Quizzes, and Checklists app. Using SurveyVista you can build corporate branded, mobile-friendly, dynamic salesforce survey and forms. Configurable scoring engine to turn surveys & forms into quizzes, questionnaires, checklists, and assessments such as Healthcare checklists, Lead Scoring, and policy quizzes. Biggest advantage is: Surveys and forms Data Never Leaves Salesforce & Protected by Salesforce!
    April 07, 2022 12:03 pm
    Hey, Super Article. I was looking for a salesforce App to integrate among 3 different salesforce orgs without any custom logic involved to flow data from one org to other and make it centralised. Could you please suggest an app. Thanks in advance
    Jennifer Iguban
    April 08, 2022 6:22 pm
    All great apps! Also, check out Kulturra Payment Center for Payment Processing apps in Salesforce - https://sforce.co/3JniF2o
    July 22, 2022 9:00 am
    Delpha for data cleaning ;)
    August 22, 2022 8:05 am
    OKRify is a great app user friendly app for OKRs, Scorecard & Meetings in Salesforce
    January 06, 2023 6:55 pm
    How about category "Data enrichment" ?
    Ben McCarthy
    January 10, 2023 12:23 pm
    Check out Pipelaunch! https://pipelaunch.com/

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