10 Important Trailhead Badges to Achieve in 2020

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One of the things we all love to do is to make goals for the upcoming year. Have you considered adding Trailhead goals into your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here are 10 trails and badges for you to complete in 2020, to help you stay on the top of your Salesforce ‘A-game’.

1. Winter ’20 Credentials

There are individual badges geared to each Certification, only just recently available since December 2019. These are absolutely essential if you hold any of the Salesforce Certifications; completing them is a requirement from Salesforce, or you will lose your credentials.

2. Project: Set up Lightning Experience on Mobile

Back in mid-October, Salesforce released a new version of the Salesforce Mobile app, bringing Lightning and the mobile platform closer together. If you have not already played around with the new mobile platform, this badge is something you definitely need to do!

3. Superbadge: Selling with Sales Cloud Specialist

This is a relatively new Superbadge that focuses on Sales Cloud. Aside from the core configuration of Sales Cloud, this badge also teaches the concepts of Data deduplication, Process Builder, and Lightning Reports. What’s great about it (and why I am including it), is that it is all in Lightning, which means it will be a great boost to your skillset as more companies make the full switch from Classic to Lightning.

4. Module: Territory Management Basics

You may have heard that the original Territory Management was fully retired in June 2020, so now is really the best time to get the hang of the new Enterprise Territory Management and get your team switched over before it is too late!

5. Trail: Explore the Salesforce Customer 360

I am recommending this trail because if you are a Partner/Consultant in the Salesforce ecosystem, these are all important products to understand. Why? It’s obvious that Customer 360 is something Salesforce started pushing towards end the of last year. Customer 360 is the idea of having a full view of everything that there is to know about a customer from all touchpoints. Maintaining knowledge on all aspects that make up the 360-degree view is a worthwhile goal in the long term.

6. Trail: Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein

If you went to Dreamforce ‘19 you know that Einstein is infiltrating the Salesforce Platform further with every release. Understand what Einstein is, and the ways it can be implemented across different features and clouds. It is the future of Salesforce!

7. Trail: Fundraise with Non-Profit Cloud

In 2019, the Non-Profit Success Pack went from a package add-on to a ‘Cloud’ in its own right on the Salesforce Platform. Learning and understanding how this cloud works can enable you to offer time to companies who need it most.

8. Trail: CPQ Admin Fundamentals

#8 and #9 go together like PB&J. You will need to understand CPQ to be able to understand the billing module. The reason why I have included this trail, is that Salesforce is making constant improvements to this module, and naturally, more companies are signing up as CPQ customers. Ensure you know the value of CPQ for an organisation, and whether organisations need to go beyond Products & Pricebooks.

9. Superbadge: Billing Specialist

Rounding out the Quote-to-Cash cycle is the Billing platform that Salesforce is starting to promote. Getting a jump start on the material in 2020 will put you ahead of the curve. If you want to be super ambitious you can also go for the Advanced Billing Specialist Superbadge which would give you the Billing Specialist Super Set. Right now, this is the only way to prove your chops at the Billing module that Salesforce provides.

10. Module: myTrailhead Basics

Last, but not least, is the introduction to myTrailhead. Once you have learned all of these new things in your Trailhead race, it’s likely that you are going to implement some of them! Doing so will probably require you to train your users and there is no better way than your own Trailhead.

That rounds out the top 10 Trailhead badges, trails, and superbadges to aim for in 2020. Let me know in the comments below what other trails you have on your goals list! Happy New Year!

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