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Top Use Cases for ChatGPT in the Salesforce Ecosystem 

By Lauren Westwood

With so much happening in the world of artificial intelligence (specifically ChatGPT), you’d be forgiven for taking a moment to catch your breath – all of the ‘noise’ can make it difficult to understand what it really means for the Salesforce ecosystem.

Of course, AI advancements will mean very different things across the wide variety of Salesforce roles and day-to-day experiences. So I asked some members of our community for their initial thoughts on AI tools like ChatGPT – what do they make of it all? 

ChatGPT Community Insights

With more and more “GPT” tools being launched each week, how is the Salesforce community using the Chat variety in their day-to-day roles, and how do they see it evolving over the coming months and years? Let’s find out!

Admins & ChatGPT

Stacy O’Leary is a freelance Salesforce Consultant and Administrator.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

The first thing that came to my mind when I started exploring ChatGPT for Salesforce Admins/Users was training content, for better or worse! 

For simple questions like “How do I create an Opportunity?” ChatGPT was able to provide step-by-step directions for this action. The drawback is that most businesses have additional custom fields or validation requirements that ChatGPT is unaware of and would not be able to explain or account for. An admin could probably use ChatGPT to create the bulk of a knowledge article, and then customize it to their business.

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

I’ll be honest – my first thought after trying it out for a while was this: “Blog/content writers (myself included) should be concerned, but admins in general probably don’t need to worry.” There’s always going to be a certain level of unique business practices, and users who request things that aren’t best practice. ChatGPT may be able to summarize information from the internet at large, but it still appears to be lacking in wisdom.

Architects & ChatGPT

Tom Bassett is a Salesforce Solution Architect.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

ChatGPT could be super helpful for those just getting started in the ecosystem, whether this is a new admin wanting to learn about formula functions or validation rules, or a developer writing their first piece of Apex. It could also be used to quickly ‘whip up’ Lightning Components for demo purposes too.

However, proceed with caution as the output is not always valid or use a real Salesforce-based function!

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

This AI has a lot of potential to change the way we work, learn, and collaborate in the near future. However, it hasn’t been temporarily banned from the #TrailblazerCommunity without good reason! 

From examples I’ve seen, it makes up formula functions that don’t exist and will ultimately do exactly what you ask. For example, just because it writes code for you doesn’t mean that the code is the best solution for your given problem, or that the code adheres to best practices (Salesforce Governor Limits, etc.).

Business Analysts & ChatGPT 

Jose Arroyo is Manager at Strategy & Technology Group and the founder of ConvergeTech.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

I have a pretty unique use case for non-native English speakers that have an issue conveying their ideas in a written way – something I encourage my team to leverage. 

I advise my team to lay out their key ideas in a bullet point list, with a specific prompt so that ChatGPT can customize their writing. This provides a great starting point so they can confirm the information is accurate and make minor changes to a solid structure.  

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

Adapt or die – there is no going back! Generative AI helps condense hours of research and trial and error into a few prompts, offering a starting point for whatever you are doing. Development is the most impacted – writing Apex with Einstein GPT or some of the Visual Studio extensions is insane!

Developers & ChatGPT 

Ashish Madhukar is a Senior Salesforce Developer at KVP Business Solutions.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

ChatGPT is really useful for me when planning my daily schedule. I manage to save time as it helps me through any sticking points. Then I recheck my work.

Since ChatGPT also understands coding, it helps me to find errors and detect problems.

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

I think it could lead to the unemployment of some junior developers. AI is growing fast – we now have more tools such as Einstein GPT. I also think it might cause the human brain to think less, as AI is helping us anyway.

Engineers & ChatGPT

Hamza Abib is a Lead Solution Engineer at OwnBackup.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

The most applicable use case is within the customer support space space. Businesses that have already deployed a chatbot (or are intending to) can now combine ChatGPT powerful generative AI capabilities with their own data in Salesforce to provide more seamless interaction channels for their customers. Here customers will be able to ask details about their account and get information from Knowledge Base (KB) articles, which will allow businesses to further increase their Case deflection rates. 

Einstein Chatbot currently requires businesses to provide predefined responses and options, and it can query the KB, but ChatGPT can essentially add ‘wings’ to this.

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

I personally really like the way it can be applied to an individual Salesforce professional and the benefits any Salesforce Trailblazer can get from it. This ranges from using ChatGPT to prepare for Salesforce interviews or using it to personalize their own learning journey through conversation. Trailblazers will be able to supercharge their personal and professional development like never before. 

It takes skill to know which search terms to put into Google to get the right results, and individuals must now learn to master the skill of crafting precise prompts for generative AI to obtain meaningful, insightful responses.

Marketers & ChatGPT

Jaime López is the Senior Director of Marketing Ops at Aiven.

What are your thoughts about generative AI in the Salesforce ecosystem?

Generative AI can be very useful to maximize the value of your expert skill set. The Salesforce ecosystem expands rapidly, so it’s unfeasible to remain an expert on every cloud and feature throughout the years. But do you need to?

You can be an AI-powered generalist. If you understand the business problems one can solve with Salesforce and gain an expert-level understanding, generative AI provides you all the depth you may need in almost any Salesforce discipline.

Do you have any specific use cases to share for using ChatGPT in Salesforce?

Segmenting your prospects is often complex and extremely cumbersome to do manually. You can define your segments to ChatGPT and ask it to assign one to each prospect in your database. Ah, wouldn’t it be great if this happened automatically once a prospect is created? But how? What’s the correct call to the Pardot API to accomplish this? Suffer no more: ask ChatGPT and you will get an almost-ready script, complete with tests.

Final Thoughts 

Thanks to everyone for sharing their insights – a mixed bag of experiences so far, but with ChatGPT continuing to evolve, we can expect to see this tool being used for more and more sophisticated day-to-day tasks. 

What are you using ChatGPT for in your Salesforce role? Let us know in the comments.

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The Author

Lauren Westwood

Lauren is the Content Director at Salesforce Ben.


    May 11, 2023 10:16 am
    I'm an admin, and I have used it to get a "how to" which was mentioned, but the other thing I use it for is repairing data in Excel spreadsheets before I upload it. I had a big document that had addresses entered into the spreadsheet very inconsistently. Sometimes written on multiple lines, sometimes it was incomplete, sometimes there's commas and sometimes there isn't, so I told it "split these into five columns with the street, the city the state etc in their own columns, and fill in the missing information" and it give me a table, although it couldn't do it all in one shot I had to split it up. Also it started glitching at one point and it would leave cells blank for no reason. Theres sort of an art to getting it to"look up" something, because it wants to tell you that it can't look at an up-to-date version of the internet. In the past I've convinced it that the copy that it has is good enough, the other times you turn it into a conversation. If you say "what is the address for all the regal cinemas in California" it will say it doesn't have a live map and start telling you to go to Google maps. But if you instead ask how many regals are in California and then you ask where they are you can get it to give them to you. The AI is very very literal. So you have to kind of think about the actual meaning of what you're saying. Avoid extraneous words. It's very rewarding once you learn how to talk to it. OpenAI is constantly trying to find ways to force you into using the higher tier of the AI, the almost always there's a way to break ChatGPT out of jail.
    Lauren Westwood
    May 18, 2023 10:11 am
    Thanks for sharing your insights, Greg. As you said, it's a case of learning how to draw out the best results. It will be interesting to see how quickly these tools evolve.

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