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Top 5 Architect Keynote Highlights from Dreamforce ’23

By Andreea Doroftei

With the Salesforce Architect career path being one of the most coveted ones in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s only normal that Salesforce themselves will invest in capabilities as well as resources to set professionals up for success. 

This year’s Dreamforce marks the third Architect Keynote, keeping the focus on the importance of “Well-Architected” solutions across all functionalities – whether it is AI, CRM, or Data-related.

The Highlights

In a world of constant change, this framework is your guide to what healthy Salesforce Architecture is supposed to look like. There are three pillars, and each has its own particularities with the end goal of ensuring that your solution is future-ready. 

  1. Trusted: As trust is one of Salesforce’s core values, security and regulations should be considered during every implementation.
  2. Easy: It’s important that solutions are fast and easy to implement, without compromising reliability.
  3. Adaptable: With business challenges evolving over time, the solutions have to keep up. As a result, composable solutions (as well as reusable components) are sure to become essential.
Source: Dreamforce ‘23 Architect Keynote

1. Monitor Scalability With Test Plans

Scale Center is available for Salesforce Unlimited Edition, and provides access to key performance insights directly in the Salesforce UI. 

Scale Testing Services are here to take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to your org’s performance. With the possibility to schedule the tests and compare between runs, finding potential gaps or issues has never been easier.

While Scale Center is generally available as of now, Scale Testing Services are in Pilot, meaning that more updates will be coming on timeline as well as functionality!

2. Apex Guru Insights

Based on the “Critical”, “Major”, or “Minor” items found within your instance which may impact performance, Apex Guru Insights provide tailored and punctual improvement in the form of AI generated recommendations to save you time whilst still focusing on best practices.

3. Well Architected Framework Explorer

Currently announced to become GA in December 2023, the Framework Explorer is as an additional section on the Salesforce Architects website. This is meant to facilitate your search for patterns and anti-patterns, with the end goal of building intentional solutions.

On top of constant new diagram additions to the template gallery, the Salesforce Architects website is now also available in Japanese. 

4. Data Cloud Enrichments

Continuing on the path of unifying customer data and providing a seamless navigation experience, bringing Data Cloud objects directly into your CRM can now be done in a matter of moments.

As of Winter ‘24, you can also take action on this data directly with Salesforce Flow, based on changes in the Data Cloud objects.

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Easy-to-use tools and time-saving enhancements are sure to make our Well-Architected Solutions easier in general, but more importantly easier for the business stakeholders to understand and adopt.

5. Bring AI into your Day to Day 

Perhaps the biggest Dreamforce ‘23 announcement altogether is Einstein 1 alongside Einstein Copilot, Prompt Builder, and even BYOM. This could not go unmentioned for Salesforce Architects. 

With the Einstein Trust Layer to preside over all the interactions with generative AI, Salesforce’s suite of tools will enable you to safely use AI functionality and make it part of your users’ day-to-day processes.

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While Einstein Copilot is set to become GA in Spring ‘24, Einstein for Developers is already in Open Beta starting Winter ’24. This will enhance the speed of your code while continuously improving the prompts used with AI based on the initial results.

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Adaptable solutions are likely to resist the test of time as they are built on the assumption that at some point these solutions will have to handle change well, or be adjusted as needed. Make sure to take a look over Salesforce’s very own roadmap to discover more about what’s coming next.

In addition to the amazing updates and functionalities above, in the Architect Corner, the Salesforce team behind these innovations mapped out and explained exactly what is going on behind the scenes. You can hear all these details directly in the Architect Keynote recording on Salesforce+. 


These improvements are here to ensure that Salesforce Architects have all the tools, resources, and support to be able to build solutions which the business can count on, are easy to understand and use, as well as adaptable to the ever-changing business needs. The future of Salesforce Architects is looking bright – and “Well-Architected”. 

What do you think it’s the most promising Architect Keynote highlight? Tell us in the comments below!

The Author

Andreea Doroftei

Andreea is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. She is an 18x certified Salesforce Professional with a passion for User Experience and Automation. 

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