Top 10 Posts of 2019: Admin Edition

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It is during this time of the year that I, along with the rest of the team, like to take a step back and look at the year that has passed. We are always proud of what we and our group of community contributors have produced, adding significant value to the Salesforce ecosystem. 2019 has been a special year. As Spring turned to Summer, the blog had a refresh which included a new site design, logo and supercharged speed.

Which were the most popular posts with Admins? Well, the results are in! Here are the posts aimed at Salesforce Admins that received the top 10 pageview counts this year.


10. How do I Track Email Opens & Clicks In Salesforce?

Salesforce has launched a new feature that is intended to provide better tracking for user interactions, such as email opens. Through better data, you can improve your entire marketing and sales campaigns.

9. Dreamforce 2019: Keynote Summary & 11 Big Announcements

Dreamforce kicked off with a bang, with the Opening Keynote “Trailblazers, Together”. This explosion of Salesforce innovation never fails to impress; a quick count up totals to 11+ releases and enhancements dropped during the hour. Which ones are you most excited about?


8. An Easier Way to Deploy Profiles and Permissions Sets

For many Salesforce Admins, Profiles and Permission Sets have always been somewhat of a pain to manage – in fact, many teams manage their Profiles and Permission Sets manually. As we saw with the massive Salesforce outage known on Twitter as #permissionsgeddon, relying on a script to manage permissions can be nerve-wracking for many organizations. Check out the free Profiles & Permissions Deployer.


7. Is Classic Getting Discontinued in October? 6 Key Questions on the Lightning Switch

From October 2019, Salesforce “turned on” Lightning for all orgs – perhaps many questions came up in your mind about the switch from Classic to Lightning. Here, Gill answers these common questions, and examines what the impact could be.


6. The Complete Guide to Gathering Salesforce Requirements

One of the main questions Tomás Queiró hears from new Salesforce Consultants is: “how do I gather requirements?!”. So, he decided to write a post to help clear up this process and hopefully inform those that find this stage in a project confusing.

5. 25 Most Popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2019

Chrome Extensions are a big part of an Admin’s working life, supporting you in being productive in a variety of ways. There are many great Salesforce Chrome Extensions to choose from to help in your role.

4. Salesforce Admin Average Salary Guide 2019

In an Ecosystem such as ours, growing at an insane rate, salaries can be a bit all over the place. There’s no doubt that Salesforce professionals are paid well: they carry out a core function within Salesforce implementations that allow businesses to cut costs and accelerate growth – but what is the correct figure, and how do you find this out?


3. New Salesforce Certifications for 2019!

There have been three certifications launched/announced this year – check out if you would be a good fit for them!


2. Process Builder Vs Flows – Become the Ultimate Admin

Flows are another automation tool Admins should have in their tool belts, and now we have a new tool for Flows called Flow Builder. So, what’s the difference? Here Michael shows us an example, and more importantly, how to get started.

1. Average Salesforce Salaries 2019 [Infographic]

Are we surprised that a post on salaries nabs the top spot? No… we already saw the Salary Guide feature on this list; after all, who isn’t interested in seeing where their salary sits relative to the market rates? The infographic uses data from the Mason Frank Salary Survey 2018-19, based on 2,203 survey responses, 2,151 actual job placements, as well as thousands of jobs registered with Mason Frank.


Wow, what a year it’s been for Admins in the Salesforce ecosystem! There’s much more to follow, judging by the Spring ’20 preview, Dreamforce announcements, and beyond, thanks to the product roadmaps. Bring on the new decade of Salesforce!

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