Tips for Attending Your First Salesforce Meetup

By Rachel Rickard

A Salesforce meetup is your chance to meet & build relationships with local, like-minded people within the ecosystem. Whether you want to discuss getting more out of using or SFMC, configuring for user needs, developing on APEX, or just network and build new connections, there’s a meetup waiting for you. Click the link to find one that’s right for you.

Salesforce is different from other industries. It’s the only industry I know of who have a group for everyone, with meetups running monthly filled with so many talented & inspirational people. When I first joined the Salesforce ecosystem, it was clear from the outset that everyone was proud to be a part of it, everyone genuinely believes in Salesforce and it’s definitely the most fun & energetic industry out there! It’s always a little nerve-racking attending your first meetup, but I promise after the first couple you will become an absolute natural! I remember how nervous I felt before, I was worried that I would turn up and everyone would know each other and wouldn’t speak to me, which wasn’t the case at all! I can guarantee you will not be the only newbie there, and you have to remember, everyone else has been in your shoes before so they want to make you feel welcome.

There are so many things you can take away from a meetup so it is definitely worth your while going. As a recruiter, I don’t have a technical background so I was worried that I would have no idea what the speakers were talking about but with so many different meetups, each one varying in content from month to month, you’ll definitely find one that is relevant to you.

Why go to meetups? What will you get out of it?

  • You will have the chance to meet like-minded people who will help you in your career. You may not need their help right now, but when you do, you’ve already met face-to-face so you are a lot more likely to get a response.
  • Whatever job you’re in, however much experience you have, there is always something to learn! The content completely varies from month to month, so if the topic didn’t catch your interest the first time around, go back the next month and I can assure you it will be something completely different.
  • It forces you to get out there and make new friends! You will see lots of new faces, hear about new business ideas and most importantly, build your confidence. There is normally plenty of free food & drink too – who doesn’t love free food?

Here are a few tips to give you that courage to attend your first meetup:

  • Go to the bar/buffet. This is a great place to position yourself as you arrive and catch others in a similar situation. People tend to get a drink as soon as they arrive so you’ll have lots of opportunities to spark a conversation.
  • Go with a friend. It’s always more daunting going somewhere new if you’re alone, however, if you do go with a friend, ensure you go your separate ways when it’s time to network. You are more likely to push yourself to approach new people if you are standing alone!
  • Be yourself. These events are made for people to meet and build relationships. Show interest in a person and when speaking about your business, it’s important not to sell.
  • Set expectations, but not too high. You want to enjoy yourself & relax and this will be difficult if you set your expectations too high. Remember, quality over quantity!
  • Ask good questions. Ask questions before talking about yourself, you want to get to know the other person and really understand what they do. Try and do some research on attendees before you go so you can think of questions beforehand.
  • Follow up. Send an email or LinkedIn request the next day while your conversation is still fresh in that person’s mind. Why not arrange a follow-up meeting over a coffee?

Attending meetups have been so important for me as a recruiter in the Salesforce ecosystem. I have built relationships with people who I definitely wouldn’t have met before, not only helping them to find a new job or someone new for their team, but sharing my knowledge of the market and helping with any challenges they have faced. I’ve found out what people like & dislike about recruiters and then replicated this into my own business but most importantly for me, I have learned how to network and be confident. I hope this has been helpful and you now feel ready to attend your first meetup. Good luck!

The Author

Rachel Rickard

Rachel Rickard is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures for the past 4 ½ years. Part of the Salesforce team specialising in Marketing Cloud & Automation on a permanent basis.

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