Pardot Editions Update Summer ‘18: Features and Pricing!

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Pardot have made some exciting changes to the license editions they now offer.

Editions define what features you can access for what price, allowing you to weigh up the functionality vs. budget for what’s right for you.  

As part of the Summer ‘18 release, Pardot have not only rebranded the packages, but have also taken a big leap in the functionality offered in the most popular package. Everyone should be aware of this! Quick note that the information in this post is all publicly available, and can be found here:

Package Rebrand

Pardot will still follow a per org billing model. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘bucket’ licenses, meaning one license gives as many users access to Pardot as your organisation requires (differing from Salesforce’s per user per month licensing model). This simplicity will remain luckily.

However, the names have changed to sound more swanky:

Standard → Growth

Pro → Plus

Ultimate → Advanced

There’s been a bump in price, with the editions now sitting at $1,250, 2,500, and $4,000 respectively.

B2B Marketing Analytics is included!

There’s good reason for the price bump up. Now B2B Marketing Analytics will be included in Plus and Advanced editions (previously an add-on).

Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right. Formerly known as ‘Wave’, the Marketing Analytics platform that allows you to “see the impact of your marketing, without needing a data scientist”. It seemed exclusive when launched, an option for those marketers with larger budgets.

Reporting has long-been a pain point for Pardot users, and so Pardot leapt to bridge that gap by opening up the accessibility to their Analytics product. 

I wrote a post on why you should upgrade from Standard Edition to Pro last year, which is now in need of an update – Analytics will now sit as no. 1 on that list for sure!

I’ve included some product screenshots below & the full B2B Marketing Analytics demo video at the end of the post:


Now analytics has been democratised, and available to the mainstream. This is a huge win for customers!

Final Thought

The General Release for Pardot Summer ‘18 will be June 11th, when Pardot users will get access to this and other great updates (so many, it will make your head spin!).

I urge you to contact your Pardot Admin/Marketing Automation Specialist to start leveraging this amazing win for your organisation. If you have any questions on the product, I would be more than happy to answer them, just ping me a note: [email protected]

Watch the full B2B Marketing Analytics demo video from Salesforce:


3 thoughts on “Pardot Editions Update Summer ‘18: Features and Pricing!

  1. Hi @lucy, Thank you for for sharing this information.

    My company is still on the ultimate edition for pardot and I would like to know should we migrate to Advnaced edition if yes, then how can we do that.

    1. Hi Aman! Wow, yes you should definitely ‘upgrade’ (update). Discuss this with your Salesforce account exec (AE). Go to [YOUR SALESFORCE DOMAIN]/lightning/n/standard-OnlineSalesHome >> Salesforce Checkout

    2. Aman, my company is on the Pro Edition which if I am reading this correctly was upgraded in 2018. My question is now we are having issues with Pardot and SF is recommending we upgrade of course at a cost, but what I am trying to determine should SF/Pardot have reached out to us when the upgrade was made?


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