How to Make Your Pardot Event Registration Invite-only

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Running event campaigns using Pardot, whether they are in-person or virtual, is a popular use case. What if you wanted to set up an invite-only event, just for a select few VIPs? In situations where you want to keep the details under wraps, how do you stop just anyone from signing up for the event, should they get hold of the registration link?

While it’s not possible to password protect a Pardot form or other sophisticated blocking mechanisms, it is possible to keep strangers off the guest list. Other options would involve looking beyond Pardot to incorporate 3rd party tools, like integrating Splash Events With Pardot Form Handlers.

This post will walk through a very cool, low effort solution I picked up from the Pardot Trailblazer Community group thanks to Jenna Molby’s wisdom.

Overview of the use case:

  • Set up a landing page and form for an event,
  • Create the invitation list (a Pardot list),
  • Send the landing page link via email to the list,
  • Registration link gets leaked either by recipients forwarding the email to others, or a simple copy and paste into a separate message.

Set up Invite-only Campaigns

As I mentioned in the opening, there’s no blocking mechanism to protect Pardot forms from being submitted by strangers. What we can do instead, is to have automation that scans the guest list, then removes trespassers and/or alerts an admin.

Step 1: Create the Automation Rule

By using a simple automation rule, you can identify prospects that:

  • Have submitted the form,
  • and are not on the invite list.

Step 2: Add the Actions

You have a choice of actions to add to your automation rule. Some suggested ones are:

  • Notify admin user,
  • Notify the assigned user,
  • Remove from the list,
  • Send autoresponder email.

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