Salesforce Summaries – 7 Ways to Use Reviews and Testimonials For More Believable Marketing

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SalesforceSummaries: a series delivering key insights from Salesforce YouTube videos, to save you time as you keep up to date with the latest technological changes within the Salesforce ecosystem.


This summary is from the ‘ how to use reviews and testimonials for more believable marketing‘ episode from the very insightful and concise Marketing Cloudcast series from Salesforce content innovation lead: Heike Young. This podcast series is a treasure chest of marketing tips and would be especially interesting to Marketing Cloud users.


  1. Reviews are critical — customers want to listen to other customers.
  2. A shoe company found that the time of asking for a review was hugely important. The shoes that the shoe company produced were very high quality but also took around 6 weeks to fully ‘wear in’. The shoe company used to ask for reviews around 4 weeks and the results weren’t favourable as the shoes were still slightly uncomfortable at that point. However, by changing the request for a review until after 6 weeks (once the shoe had been worn in and was comfortable and durable), the results were transformative and far more positive.
  3. Your website is a great place for displaying third party reviews. Don’t have them all one on page (typically, the ‘testimonials’ page) because people tend not to view those pages on a website. Instead, refer to your analytics stats to determine the best places on your website for displaying testimonials. This will help to increase your social proof.
  4. Consider your most viewed parts of your website as highways and consider favourable third party reviews and testimonials as billboards. Put the billboards for display along the highways!
  5. You can take the key sentence from an especially favourable review or testimonial and format it into a header; much like how Amazon reviews are formatted.
  6. Great reviews begat great reviews and consider the law of numbers too (the more positive reviews, the better).
  7. Video reviews or testimonials still remain the most valuble medium since body language and tone is all conveyed. Video reviews are the ‘atomic bomb’ of marketing.
  8. Where there is traffic, there is hope. And where there are happy customers, there is even more hope. So don’t link away from your site to TripAdvisor but rather leverage the reviews on your site.

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