Salesforce Engagement History: The Complete Overview [Infographic]

By Lindsey Mark

There are multiple ways to display Pardot engagement data in Salesforce. Engagement History is a collection of features that increases Pardot visibility across the Salesforce user experience.

With so many options for fields, components, and dashboards, are you maximizing these across your Salesforce org? If you’re a little confused, we don’t blame you. That’s why we put together this infographic which brings together all Engagement History features, and which objects they appear on, all in one view.

To find out how to implement Engagement History, check out the Salesforce implementation guide for details.

What you need to set up Engagement History:

  • Verified Pardot connector,
  • Connected Campaigns,
  • Correct Salesforce user permissions.

Engagement History Metrics Fields

Surface metrics on list views, as fields, or in custom reports to find out how campaigns and assets are performing.

Engagement History Objects

  • Marketing Assets Objects: Pardot marketing assets exist as records in Salesforce, thanks to the marketing asset objects. Metrics fields align to metrics for each type of asset (eg. only emails have open, or spam complaints)

Engagement History Related Lists

  • Engagement History Metrics related list: (Campaign Metrics) How marketing assets perform at a campaign-level. Displays Pardot asset performance connected to the campaign.
  • Engagement History Activities related list: (Prospect Activities) How different types of assets are being engaged with and when (at the contact/lead, account, or marketing asset level). Displays different data depending on where you are viewing it.

Engagement History Lightning Components

  • Engagement History Metrics Lightning Component: visually display marketing asset engagement (high-level) related to a campaign.
    Engagement History Custom Lightning Component: visually display prospect engagement (Pardot activities) on Salesforce leads/contacts/person accounts.
    Engagement History Dashboard Lightning Component: gives Salesforce users the
    power to explore and visualize important data, embedded on record pages.

The Author

Lindsey Mark

Lindsey manages Partner Enablement for Pardot. CX & Marketing nerd who loves data.

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