40+ Unmissable ParDreamin’ Sessions for Pardot Marketers

By Christina Anderson

The entire B2B marketing trailblazer community is bursting at the seams with anticipation over the next biggest event of the year, ParDreamin, the virtual, “everything Pardot in one event”.

There’ll be 60+ sessions to choose from, plus keynotes, panels, and the chance to be a part of that electric trailblazer community feeling that only the Salesforce Ohana brings.

To help you decide which sessions to bookmark to attend (or catch the recording), I compiled a list of the sessions, sorted by topic. While it does not include every session, I have categorized my picks by theme, business challenge, and marketing operations.

To make the most out of your ParDreamin experience:

  • Consider current questions you have,
  • The campaigns you are running,
  • What your team is looking to do to scale and advance their processes,

…then map out your ParDreamin Path!

Account-based Marketing (ABM)

Streamlining an account based approach to accelerate target account conversion and renewal can mean great revenue growth for the business. Is it time to advance your ABM strategy? Find out how and attend this session.

Business Units

For organizations that have multiple brands or multiple regions across the globe that need to be kept in separate databases, these sessions are for you. Get the insights and best practices on Business Units and how to gear up for implementation.

Career Growth


What are your current career goals? There is so much that can be learned from fellow trailblazers and their journey. Join these sessions and get inspired on advancing to the next step in your career.

Data Management

Data fuels everything, email marketing, personalization efforts, reporting, and key business decisions. If it is not kept up with, data can get out of control resulting in out-of-date lists, inaccurate reports, and perhaps the tarnishing of a brand’s reputation. Discover tips and tricks to great data management with the below sessions.

Data Privacy

GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM, are on the minds of every company. Organizations need to make sure they have proper opt-in methods, are practicing data compliance, and have processes in place for when a prospect invokes their right to be forgotten. To get a deeper understanding, check out the following sessions.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the present and the future of business. It allows for data to be centralized, processes to be automated, and operational costs to be reduced, empowering businesses to reach their full potential and better serve their customers. Has this topic been a resounding theme at your strategic meetings? Then be sure to attend these sessions.


Email Marketing

There are so many advancements happening with email marketing, as it is one of the many ways to communicate with an organization’s target audience. Obtain some fresh ideas to bring back to your email marketing team with insights from these sessions.


Lead Management

What is the process across sales, marketing, and customer success that happens when a prospect enters the funnel as a net new lead to when they become a customer? Leads can fall through the cracks and missed opportunities can occur when proper lead management strategy is not executed. Find out how to streamline your lead to revenue cycle with these below sessions.


Do you currently have Hubspot, Marketo, or Eloqua and will soon be making the switch to Pardot? Get the insights from others that have gone through the migration process with these below presentations.

Personalization with Pardot

As buyers are experiencing personalized engagements in their B2C transactions, they expect the same in their B2B interactions, which means more than just “Hi first name.” Receive some inspiration on how to advance your personalization techniques from your fellow trailblazers!


Reporting is key to understanding the campaigns that are driving results for the business and it informs leadership on the direction to go in when making essential business decisions. Get your reporting questions answered and obtain best practices from the following sessions.


Revenue Operations & Alignment

Aligning strategy, process, and technology across the entire buyer’s journey will only increase operational efficiencies, drive revenue, and produce a better customer experience. Is your team working to integrate their processes and align cross-departmentally? Then get the insights from these below presentations.



Webinars & Event Marketing

Are you seeing successful results from your webinars and virtual events? There are so many ways to approach execution and small areas that can be fine tuned to drive more revenue for the business from these types of campaigns. Understand how from the following sessions.

ParDreamin is Fast Approaching!

ParDreamin is around the corner, so enjoy planning out your path to get the utmost value out of this amazing event! See you there!

The Author

Christina Anderson

Christina is the Head of Content at SaaScend. She is the Former Host of the Pardot Life Hacks podcast, and Leader of the Marketing Life Hacks community.


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