Pardot January 2020 Release [Infographic]

By Lucy Mazalon

Pardot Release

Pardot Release Schedule 2020

  • x6 a year
  • x3 in line with main Salesforce releases (Spring, Summmer, Winter)
  • x3 in between (January, April, August)

What are the Pardot January 2020 Release dates?

Between Jan 6th to Jan 17th.

Notification banners will appear on your Pardot dashboard home page when features are released.

1. HML Personalisation on Landing Pages and Forms

What: HML is the new way to add personalisation to Pardot marketing assets, replacing variable tags – you will see {{ , instead of %%.

What’s new: HML was only available on Pardot emails until now. Use across Pardot Landing Pages & Forms, too!

For who? Everyone! (With HML enabled)

Effort level: have you upgraded to HML? Any new assets created will use HML. Existing assets need updating individually. NB: some variable tags transform to HML smoothly, others need attention.

2. Prospect Resubscribe – More Control

What: Prospects who opted out can resubscribe themselves. A message appears when they begin filling out a Pardot form.

What’s new? Amend wording/translate message per form on a new ‘Resubscribe’ tab within the Pardot Form Wizard.

For who? Everyone! (With HML enabled)

Effort Level: how long is a piece of string? It depends on how many forms you need to change. If you haven’t enabled Prospect Resubscribe already, that set up is est. 1 hour.

3. Use Einstein Behaviour Scores in Automation

What: Einstein Behaviour Score looks for ‘ready to buy’ signals a lead/contact is making, adjusted when high-converting engagement patterns are identified.

What’s new: Use score as a rule step in Engagement Studio, or as criteria in Automation Rules, eg: if Einstein Behaviour Score >50, send email, if not, add to slow nurture list.
Note: select from Engagement Studio as a ‘Pardot Custom Field’.

For who? Pardot Advanced

4. Export Prospect Visitor Activity Easily

What’s new: The new Export API can retrieve large sets of visitor activity data “when you don’t need synchronous completion responses or when query limitations are too restrictive”. Visitor data includes any interaction with your marketing assets, eg. form views, page visits etc.

For who? Pardot Plus/Advanced*
*plus legacy equivalents

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Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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