Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook: from Facebook Ad Interaction to Closed Business

By Lucy Mazalon

Salesforce has announced a new tool coming our way: Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook. This metric-centric tool does what it says on the tin – accurately describing its purpose to connect B2B sales cycles and Facebook Ad ROI in a comprehensive, intelligent and unified way.

What’s the value?

This has heaps of value when considering the cyclical nature of marketing, and the iteration-driven, optimised marketing we are infatuated with.

The real value comes when deploying future Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns using what has driven revenue results in the past. With the Lead Analytics for Facebook tool, you can take what you have already tracked, collated and discovered to optimise your next ad campaign, to make it as targeted, and therefore lucrative, as possible.

    • Performance metrics; the high-level basics of digital advertising eg. impressions & conversions, cost per lead.
    • Enhanced performance metrics; bringing in social profile data to supercharge your conversion data. Take a moment to consider what we can decipher about even a B2B prospect on social media today and what that tells us about ad performance to different cohorts.
    • Intelligent qualification; following on from above. Social profile data can also accelerate your qualification, to assess if lead is sales-ready, or even just sales-worthy! Using Einstein Lead Scoring, score leads intelligently with the help of Artificial Intelligence, taking out the guess work.
    • Social Advertising ROI; connect the dots, Which adverts have driven revenue for what products? By linking the advert that sourced the conversion with the CRM opportunity data, you have the potential to get granular by product or cohort, and know where to pinpoint your budget spend next time.

Who needs it?

This is great news for B2B marketers, who are now able to capture target audiences within the social media pool – an advantage that B2C marketers have long had over B2B.

Who doesn’t want to get more ‘bang’ for their ad-spend buck? It’s now possible to piece together nonlinear purchase journeys (typical of B2B) to the relevant social channel touch point – which has been typically attempted with disparate tools.

Finally, you must be a customer of both Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio and Salesforce Pardot (for the Lead Scoring feature). The tool is currently being tested by Salesforce customers, with the hope that Salesforce will release pieces in the near future.
Find out more from Salesforce’s Advertising Studio Product Page.


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Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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