Introduction to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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With the acquisition of company formerly known as Demandware on 11th July 16, Salesforce introduced Commerce Cloud for its users to ensure smooth, personalized shopping experience in-store and online for the customers. Retail brands on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud can transform how they connect with their customers at every step in the journey: from discovery, engagement, and transaction to analytics, community and service. This will also equip brands from all industries to easily transform themselves digitally, improving their market reach and customer engagement.

Why Demandware?

Demandware is an amazing company—the global cloud leader in the multi-billion dollar commerce market. With Demandware, Salesforce will be well positioned to deliver the future of commerce as part of our Customer Success Platform and “create yet another billion dollar cloud”, stated Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. Salesforce is poised to deliver the future of commerce by joining Demandware’s industry-leading digital commerce platform with Salesforce.

How does it works?

With a shift in consumer buying habits, eCommerce is more competitive and important than ever. To stay on top of this, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a platform with scalable technology to ensure that eCommerce businesses are supported across all mediums. The platform ensures that customers have a seamless shopping experience across all channels, digital, mobile, social and in store.

Now that the world’s number one Commerce platform has been integrated with the world’s number one CRM, products like the Marketing cloud (, Einstein and Service Cloud can be integrated to ensure a smooth customer journey. Some of the instant benefits that Salesforce has brought to the Commerce Cloud include..

Predictive commerce with Einstein: Leaders in retail will be defined largely by the degree of relevancy and 1:1 personalization of their interaction with consumers. To that end, artificial intelligence is embedded in the Salesforce Platform to build intelligence directly into the Commerce Cloud. The capability yields personalized on-site product recommendations and personalized emails.

Frictionless checkout with Apple Pay for the web: Salesforce Commerce Cloud is among the first digital commerce solution to support Apple Pay for the web, which means our customers can offer secure, single-touch checkout. This is a watershed event for mobile commerce, which has been hampered by frustrating multi-step checkout processes.

Comprehensive Digital Commerce: It will enable the retailers to better reach out to the customers via mobile, internet, social sites and in store .It helps to tap clientele from multiple channels and eventually improving the sales. It is capable of providing a better and hassle free user experience.

Mobile-first point-of-sale and store operations: For retailers, this will also help in streamlining store operations by providing better ways for inventory management etc.

Advantages of Commerce Cloud

– Create new opportunities for purchase: Putting product in the right place, at the right time can increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Commerce cloud will enable connecting with customers when they’re discovering and discussing the product in their social feed.

– Enable customers to sell for you: Their recommendations in discussion groups on accessories and upgrades can be utilized, thus customers can help to upsell and improve profits.

– Set up shop quickly and easily: Lightning Components will power e-commerce websites into the Community Cloud with drag-and-drop, thus helping to create an all-in-one highly tailored and branded mobile customer experience.

– Speed up your operations: Take advantage of market opportunities faster using the cloud. Quickly launch new sites, create all-new consumer experiences, bring stores online, expand into new geographies, adopt new features, and integrate partner technologies.

– Manage every aspect of digital commerce: Over-deliver on every part of the online consumer experience — from shopping to fulfillment to service — with integrated solutions for commerce, point of sale, order management, and more.

– Connect the entire shopping journey: Unify every part of the shopper’s journey including discovery, engagement, purchase, and advocacy by integrating all retail operations with the world’s #1 CRM solution.

– Innovate and scale with confidence: Spend more time driving innovation and less on managing technology with our trusted and proven cloud. Easily stay ahead of consumer expectations because you’re always using the most current version.  

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