Integrate Salesforce and Crunchbase With This Simple Chrome Extension

By Andreea Doroftei

Find and take action on both prospect and company insights faster, by bringing the power of the Crunchbase platform to LinkedIn, Salesforce, or websites.

Crunchbase is a well-established provider of prospect data when it comes to public and privately held companies, ensuring you have the most accurate news and contact details at all times. On top of this, Crunchbase provides real-time information pertaining to acquisition and funding rounds, and offers a very structured analysis strategy, covering everything from investors to amounts.

Crunchbase for Chrome

Crunchbase recently launched their very own Chrome extension, making it even easier to tap into their database without ever leaving the company or prospect pages you research. Installing the plugin only takes a matter of seconds – a process which is explained in detail here.

Once you have logged in (after installation), it becomes a matter of going about your normal day with the most widely-used tools for managing prospects’ journeys: websites or LinkedIn pages for prospecting, an emailing or calling tool, and the CRM to store the data and activity.

Keep in mind that the plugin can be accessed from either the blue square (if permitted) or directly from the extensions bar.

Prioritize the Right Accounts

When deciding which company to start with when prospecting, news and activity alerts can be a real lifeline. Whether it’s on a company’s website, LinkedIn page (or Sales Navigator for that matter), or on a Salesforce Account page, companies can be saved to lists, email alert frequency can be customized, and (if there’s not already an existing record) the company details can be sent directly to your CRM.

In the example below, I have added Crunchbase to a Target Accounts list. I will receive daily email notifications and then push the record into the connected Salesforce instance (integration which we’ll get into shortly).

Easy Access to Verified Contact Details

Qualify and connect with your prospects at lightning speed with accurate contact information. From a practical point of view, you can make use of the same high-quality Crunchbase insights you have become accustomed to – it’s just easier.

Within the “people” section of any company, all available people are listed, and they can be filtered based on their Department, Job Title, or Name for a more granular search.

The “people” section can of course be accessed from viewing a company’s website, their Account record in Salesforce, or even from the LinkedIn search results page.

One credit is required to access a prospect’s email and phone number, but Crunchbase will let you know what is available for each person – be it email, phone number, or both. Once the details are viewed, prospects can be saved to a custom list within Crunchbase or exported to other tools.

Crunchbase and Your Sales Tech Stack

Considering the importance of both storing and actioning (in due time) the prospect data Crunchbase provides, there are three key integrations available within the Chrome extensions – we’ll take a deep dive below.

Salesforce Integration

As mentioned above, company information can be pushed as a Salesforce Account record, but it’s definitely worth mentioning that the same thing applies to the company’s employees.

Details such as phone numbers or email addresses (where available) can be seen in the extension. They can also be immediately sent to Salesforce either as Leads or Contacts.

Clearly visible in the screenshot above, you can see the matched percentage of Accounts against the Crunchbase database – just one more interesting insight that Crunchbase provides when connecting to Salesforce.

Not only can Crunchbase help you to land new prospects, it can also reconnect with existing ones, reach the right decision maker, and create the Leads and Contacts directly from an Account page in Salesforce.

Outreach Integration

For those familiar with Outreach (you might already be using it to optimize the way you reach out to prospects), Crunchbase’s capacity to send contact data directly to Outreach might be just what’s needed to save a few extra minutes.

Long story short, you can add decision makers from various companies into your existing Outreach sequences.

Email Integration

Once the connection is established by an admin, you will be directed back to the respective company page on upon clicking the email icon – you can then send the email from there.

Keep in mind that Crunchbase can also handle email templates and snippets, ensuring both speed and consistency in your communications.


To wrap this up, the Crunchbase Chrome extension is a fun and very interactive tool to use, with almost endless possibilities for prioritizing, actioning, and more importantly, finding the right prospect data at the right time.

Go ahead and take it for a test drive – available via the chrome web store.

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Andreea Doroftei

Andreea is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. She is an 18x certified Salesforce Professional with a passion for User Experience and Automation. 

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