Giveaway: Win the Custom Salesforce Integration You Need

By Christina Anderson

Salesforce Integrations allow you to streamline separate processes, and in this digital era we constantly need to improve our efficiency and our customers’ experience to remain competitive. So what if I told you that you could get this for free…

On Thursday April 27, Stephen Stouffer, Marketing Champion, Former Pardot Chair for MO Pros, and the VP of Integrations at SaaScend announced on LinkedIn that he wanted to give back to this amazing community, by building an integration for free. He knows the challenges that disconnected systems ensue for operations professionals, so to help he wants to build a custom integration that makes their lives easier.

Why Now? The State of Software Integrations

According to Mulesoft’s & Deloitte’s 2023 Connectivity Benchmark Report, companies use an average 1,096 applications in their tech stack (up from 936 last year), yet only 28% are integrated. When the majority of your tools are a collection of disparate systems this leads to a ripple effect of siloed databases, causing inaccuracies. In turn, this means that leadership does not have access to real-time insights and system administrators and operations teams are spending their time managing data manually. 

Source: 2023 Connectivity Benchmark Report The continued presence of challenges for companies that are working towards a digital transformation.

TeamDynamix found in their iPaaS Market Study that 89% of companies are struggling with data and system integration. In today’s economic climate where sales, marketing, and customer success teams are having to do more with less, they need efficient processes that will help them achieve their goals, which come from having fully integrated systems.

Thankfully there are a great deal of integrations that software vendors have released and are still launching daily, but when revenue teams face unique challenges and have a complex tech stack, with limited resources, their needs at times go beyond what integrations are currently available to them. 

Teams are challenged to achieve increasing revenue targets with reduced resources while struggling to manage their evolving tech stack and overwhelming amounts of data. This contributes to why Stouffer and his team want to help out with building an integration at no cost

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How Do You Enter to Receive a Custom Integration For Free?

Submit your idea of the integration that you would like to be built, the systems involved, the end goal you are working to achieve and the ideal state. Then Stouffer and his team will then review the entries and choose one team to build their integration for free.

The deadline to submit is May 12, 2023. You can enter your idea by submitting it here.

To answer some initial questions the community might have, Stouffer provided some FAQs in his post that have been included below…

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An Example of a Submission

An exemplary submission would be as detailed as possible, and include the following:

  1. The systems you would like to be integrated.
  2. The goal you are trying to achieve.
  3. The ideal state of what the integration would be able to do.

Share what your team has been having to deal with as a result of not having the integration in place that you need. Explain how it would make your life easier.

For an idea, an example has been included below.

Webinar Registrations

We are using Zoom webinar forms to have prospects register for our webinars, but have been having to add registrants manually to the appropriate campaign in Salesforce. If you could build us an integration that does this automatically, that would be greatly appreciated! Our team does two webinars a month, so having this integration would ensure that we receive accurate campaign attribution without our team having to spend their time exporting and importing data.

An Integration That Makes Life Easier

If you choose to submit an entry, and your integration idea is chosen, then you get your integration built for free by experts that have helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals. You finally have your time saved with an automated process and accurate data that is updated in real-time.

Consider meeting with your team to align with them and collaborate to put together an integration idea that would make the biggest impact on your organization. Then tell Stouffer and his team about it by May 12, using the following link to enter for a chance for yours to be built.

The Author

Christina Anderson

Christina is the Head of Content at SaaScend. She is the Former Host of the Pardot Life Hacks podcast, and Leader of the Marketing Life Hacks community.

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