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4 Free Apps for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By Joe Morris

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool for marketing teams looking to streamline their campaigns and drive meaningful customer engagements. While the platform offers a wide array of features, the right apps can enhance its capabilities even further. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top four free apps that can take your Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience to the next level.

1. Marketing Cloud Mobile App

Running behind? Connect to Marketing Cloud anywhere you can’t take your laptop – in line at the coffee shop, a doctor’s waiting room, even in bed the moment you wake up.

Jokes aside, this is a more flexible way to access Marketing Cloud via phone or tablet. The Marketing Cloud app may not include all of the same features as the platform, but marketers can still manage scheduled messages, track performance for various studios (including Journey Builder), and share results through email and text.

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2. Eventable Calendar Marketing

  • Integrate Eventable with Journey Builder to send events, and notifications leading up to those events.
  • Generate “Add to Calendar” buttons that can be embedded into all the ways you send out invitations/confirmations, which can work with (but not exclusively) Google and Outlook calendars. 
  • Email Capture is a feature you can enable that can collect individuals’ contact information before they add it to the calendar.
  • Sync your Eventable events, subscribers, and event engagement data with data extensions for further action/segmentation.
  • Analytics includes insights into calendar impressions, clicks, and shares.

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3. Query Studio

SQL queries are the lifeblood of Marketing Cloud, yet there isn’t a convenient way to create a long query. 
Enter Query Studio, which improves upon Automation Studio, allowing users to not only preview results, test, and make changes to a query, but it will also highlight any mistakes in the code you’re writing.

The downside of Query Studio is the character limit. Running queries too complex or working with datasets too large will result in errors or timeouts. Those with advanced knowledge of SQL, may, however, break up queries in a manner that does not affect the end result.

Overall, it’s a great alternative to writing the code within Automation Studio, but it still lacks certain features to make it a perfect SQL query editor.

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4. DESelect Search

DESelect Search is the Ctrl+F of Marketing Cloud. Easily find any object, including: 

  • Classic emails and email templates
  • All Content Builder objects
  • Mobile push and SMS messages
  • Data extensions
  • Automations
  • Query activities
  • Data filters

Searches can either be limited to the current business unit or expanded across all Marketing Cloud instances, ensuring precise search results.

The benefit here is immediate – no more wasting time having to hunt for each asset or record you need.

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The right apps can significantly enhance the functionality and effectiveness of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By incorporating these top four free apps into your toolkit, you’ll be well-equipped to execute more successful marketing campaigns, engage your audience effectively, and drive meaningful results for your business. Elevate your Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience today!

The Author

Joe Morris

Joe is the Content Marketing Manager at DESelect.


    February 22, 2022 6:15 pm
    Hi there, thanks but Eventable is not a free app. The connector with eventable app is free if you're already an eventable customer. And Eventable is paid.

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