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This post is related to Enabler4Excel – Review, Guide Tips. As I’m sure you’ve gathered having read this far, the Enabler4Excel is a veritable Swiss Army Knife for Salesforce data analysis and Excel manipulation. The final feature that I will cover in this review is the subtly named ‘Diff’ function, which is akin to a super rapid VLOOKUP function.

As you may know, a VLOOKUP is a really indispensable Excel function to help you determine differences between data-sets. The ‘Diff’ function acts like a super VLOOKUP by comparing all of the data sets (represented by different columns) to determine which values are in which set and which values are not in each set.

For example, here is my current data. Obviously, this is a very elementary example but it serves to show how powerful the ‘Diff’ function is.


Now, if I were to write two VLOOKUPs (which take about 3-4 seconds when done very fast, including time spent to hard-code the values) I could easily identify that London are in both columns, but the others are not. Or, to save mental computation, I could simply highlight the data, select the ‘Diff’ function and let the Enabler4Excel do the hard work:

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 14.26.18

Speaking from experience, I once had to perform about 40 – 50 VLOOKUPs in a single day for a particular data analysis exercise. I wish I had known about this ‘Diff’ function then as I would have saved myself a lot of brain computing. This is another brilliant function from a brilliant tool.

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