Credentials Exclusively for Salesforce Partners: Show-off Your Expertise

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Salesforce Accredited Professional credentials are designed to prove your extensive knowledge in a specific area of the Salesforce platform. While Salesforce certifications give you solid credibility as a Salesforce Consultant, these additional credentials aim to deepen your expertise, beyond the certification curriculum.

As you read the list, you might notice the credentials focus on products/product features that are new and emerging, or particularly challenging to master (ie. those that prompt organizations to seek external consultants in the first place!)


There are now 25 credentials, with learning modules and exams available to take via the Partner Learning Camp – from Einstein, Heroku, Security, to Industry Clouds, and many more – this is an exciting announcement for the Salesforce Consultancy space, where the competition between organizations can be heated to stand out from the crowd, and win projects.

Salesforce Accredited Professional Credentials

Let’s take a look at the current list of credentials (find the most up-to-date list here). This list is subject to change. Read the walk-through Guide to Partner Credentials.

You’ll find that some involve more preparation materials than others, for example, Security & Privacy has a beefy 4 modules, and recommended study time upwards of 38 hours!


  • Salesforce Mobile
  • Heroku Developer
  • Security & Privacy
  • Process Automation

Sales & Service:

  • Revenue Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Voice
  • Advanced Field Service


  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Next Best Action
  • Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein


  • Order Management Administrator
  • Headless | API First
  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience Administrator
  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience Developer

Marketing (Pardot, Marketing Cloud):

  • Pardot Reporting & Analytics
  • Salesforce CMS
  • Interaction Studio
  • Digital Engagement


  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • Consumer Goods Cloud
  • Sustainability Cloud

Limited-time Offer!

Salesforce Accredited Professional Credentials cost $150, priced cheaper than Salesforce certifications (vs. $200-400). A bonus – there is a 50% discount running until January 31, 2022 – so stock up on your credentials at $75 each now!

(Note: Bulk purchasing may be made available in the future.)

How Valuable are Accredited Professional Credentials?

Salesforce has said that later in 2021, earned credentials will be reflected in the Trailblazer Scores (partner tiers), and visible on AppExchange listings. This is good news, not only for the Salesforce Consulting Partners that prize their Trailblazer Scores in order to attract business, but also for Salesforce Consultants employed by consultancies.

How so? Consultancies value certifications (second to experience) because:

a) the candidate has proven they are dedicated to developing their Salesforce expertise,
b) the consultancy can take on specific projects that other consultancies may not be able to fulfill, and
c) the individual’s credentials will boost the consultancy’s Trailblazer Score (note, not all certifications are created equal in the Partner Program!).

Therefore, these ‘niche’ specializations will give any consultant a competitive edge, and perhaps raise their salary expectations.

To find out more about the program’s ‘nuts and bolts’, read the full FAQ page.

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  1. Actually, Digital Engagement is more Sales&Service rather than Marketing. It touches on Omni-channel. Messaging and Bots, more Service Cloud Topics. You might want to correct that in your article.

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