Campaign Influence Starter Pack: Reporting in < 30 Minutes

By Lauren Drugan

All marketers need to demonstrate the return on investment from their initiatives. Now users of Salesforce and Pardot have an exciting new option for understanding the impact their marketing is having on sales opportunities.

When you’re starting out with Campaign Influence data, we recommend taking a look at the data from the widest possible lens and then narrowing it down to the most useful statistics for you and your teams. That’s where the Campaign Influence Starter Pack really shines: it’s a starting point that empowers you to visualize and analyze data from your marketing initiatives and influenced opportunities.

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The Campaign Influence Starter Pack is a set of comprehensive dashboards built for both Lightning and Classic, as well as this collection of Campaign Influence reports in Salesforce:

  1. Total Influenced Opportunities
  2. Total Influenced Pipeline
  3. All Influenced Pipeline by Campaign Type (First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution Models)
  4. All Influenced Pipeline by Campaign (First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution Models)
  5. Influenced Pipeline per Campaign
  6. Influenced Opportunities per Campaign
  7. Won Influenced Opportunities
  8. Won Influenced Revenue
  9. Won Influenced Pipeline by Campaign Type (First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution Models)
  10. Won Influenced Pipeline by Campaign (First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution Models)
  11. Won Influenced Pipeline per Campaign
  12. Won Influenced Opportunities per Campaign

All reports and dashboards are set to display data from all time. You can add filters to these dashboards and reports, change the format, do whatever you’d like — they’re yours!

Keep in mind that any auto-association rules and campaign influence time frame limitations will affect what’s showing up in the reports and dashboards.

Get to the Bottom of Campaign Influence Data Challenges

That brings us to one of the most common concerns we hear. No matter how cool your dashboards look, they won’t be helpful if they’re not showing the right data. If you’re expecting to see more or different data than the Campaign Influence Dashboard shows you, it’s time to look at what could be causing that.

The most common culprits are:

  • Missing contact roles: The Campaign Influence object relies on the Opportunity’s Contact Role to draw a line from the Campaign through to the Opportunity, stage, and amount. If your org isn’t consistently using contact roles, you’ll be missing a lot of data in your Campaign Influence dashboard and reports. (Psst, we built an app to help with Contact Roles!)
  • Stringent auto-association rules: If your campaign influence auto-association roles are configured to only calculate influence on certain types of campaigns, or campaign members with specific statuses, you’ll have access to a lot less data. When you’re first starting out with Campaign Influence, try removing all auto-association roles to look at the whole set of data, then adding filters on individual reports to visualize limitations.
  • Restrictive campaign influence time frame: Your time frame should be at least as long as your longest sales cycle, though we often see clients using time frames that are twice their longest sales cycle. In that scenario, your longest sale of 12 months would correspond to a campaign influence time frame setting of 24 months. If your time frame is set too short, you’ll be limiting the number of influential campaigns on opportunities and you won’t be seeing the full scope of your marketing influence.

The Campaign Influence Starter Pack provides the perfect jumping-off point for exploring your Campaign and Opportunity data, and it’s easy to set up!

Get it now!

We offer two install options for this FREE product:

  1. Self-Service: Download from GitHub and install it in your org. Request the details and download the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Guided Set Up: If you’re a GitHub newbie and/or would appreciate someone “riding shotgun” while you install, fill out the request form on our website or email

The Author

Lauren Drugan

Lauren Drugan is a multi-disciplined marketing technologist with more than a decade of project experience managing marketing automation systems.


    Kelly Spaulding
    November 29, 2020 11:04 pm
    Hey there, I would love to get the information for the GitHub download
    Lauren Drugan
    November 30, 2020 1:20 pm
    Hi Kelly! You can fill out the form on this page and we'll send you the link right away.
    Kris Young
    March 11, 2023 3:25 pm
    Hey Lauren, we don't have Pardot, but have campaign influence enabled. We want to create our own model using flows that create campaign influence records as leads get converted. Will these dashboards work without the Pardot license? Or maybe we will need to make some modifications since we won't have those 3 default models?

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