Learn Lightning Web Components With These Beginner Resources

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Lightning Web Components (LWC) are a new programming model that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build a dynamic user interface that became Generally Available (GA) in February 2019,

You may have noticed that Salesforce are actively promoting LWC and more companies are adopting it, therefore Salesforce developers with LWC skills are becoming increasingly sought after. If you want to be competitive in the Salesforce Developer job market, NOW is the right time to learn LWC.

If you are totally new to LWC and JavaScript, where should you start? Once you understand the basics, what resources are available to you to continue your LWC learning journey?

These are the key questions we will cover in this article.

Start with JavaScript Basics

Before jumping into LWC it is important that you understand the fundamentals of JavaScript. The best 3 resources to learn the basics of JavaScript are:

Resource (Price)Comment
CodeCademy: JavaScript (Course is Free, Projects is $20/month)Probably the most popular JavaScript course in the world because 1.2 million people have taken it. Teaches you basics of JS one baby step at a time
Udemy: Modern JavaScript ($12)This course has been taken by 63,000 students. The instructor teaches JavaScript on VS Code, which is what we will be using for LWC.
W3 Schools: JavaScript Tutorial (free)This resource is similar to CodeCademy with step-by-step instructions to get familiar with JS.

Continue with LWC Basics

Once you understand the fundamentals of JavaScript, continue with the following, to gain understanding of LWC:

Resource (Price)Comment
Udemy: Lightning Web Component Development by Manish Choudhari
The most popular LWC course on Udemy by a developer who works at Salesforce.

Youtube: Salesforce Lightning Web Components by Deepika Khana (free)
Deepika Khana is a famous Salesforce instructor on Salesforce administration and apex. Her LWC course on YouTube has simple projects and covers essential topics like data binding.
Trailhead: LWC Trailmix (free)Salesforce’s Trailmix on Trailhead covering LWC basics.

Udemy: Introduction - Salesforce Lightning Web Components (free)
Hirday Lamba prepares great tutorials that explain basic functionality and concepts of LWC with clear examples.

Great LWC Reference Material

Here are 3 great LWC reference materials that every Salesforce developer should bookmark:

Component Reference You can find the Lightning base components (i.e. carousel), LWC Playground (test your LWCs right there, no need for VS Code) and the Developer guide.

Lightning Web Components Video Gallery
These videos by Salesforce explain the basic structure of LWC (i.e. unit tests of LWCs).
LWC Sample Gallery8 terrific LWC projects. The simplest one for beginners is the LWC Recipes that shows the power of LWC in less than 30 lines of code.


Learning LWC is a long term process that will take at least 4 months for someone totally new to JavaScript. The good news is that using the above resources will maximize your learning efficiency and make you an invaluable professional in the Salesforce developer job market!

March forth Salesforce soldier! You will slay this dragon.

Contributing Author: Asel Vazirova

Asel Vazirova, a self-taught certified Salesforce Admin/Developer began her  journey two years ago when she served as a QA tester intern of Salesforce apps, which enabled her to fully switch to the Salesforce Admin role. Asel holds 5 Salesforce certifications. Currently, she is working as an independent Salesforce Developer for US and Canadian customers. She is also a Salesforce dev volunteer for several non-profit organizations and enjoys attending Salesforce community events

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  1. I have been taking the LWC course from Debasis Jena that includes a project and it is absolutely fantastic in Udemy

    Also there is a YouTube playlist by SalesforceTrooo that is great.

    There is also a great course in LWC by Amit Singh… He is a great teacher… This course is in Udemy

  2. Udemy: Modern JavaScript ($12) , that is referred to above in the article, what is the name of the creator/ author of the that course?

  3. hi Seyit,

    new in LWC if you could guide me with some basic materials to hands on it .

    Shivani Shukla

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