Autocomplete Address Fields in Salesforce to Supercharge Productivity

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Salesforce is all about productivity and efficiency, continuously looking for ways to improve while reducing repetitive data entry. Manually entering address data is one user pain point that can be easily solved.

Salesforce offers us the ability to quickly look up and autocomplete addresses, but despite being a real time-saving gem, many users and Admins are unaware of this functionality. Let’s see how address auto populate works, to then how to enable this feature!


How to Automatically Populate Addresses in Salesforce

Once you have enabled the Autocomplete on Standard Addresses feature (which I will come to shortly), it becomes available on all standard address fields, across objects including Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Then, you can start using it straight away, it could not be simpler.

1. Select the address search bar – it has a magnifying glass in it

2. Start typing the address and Salesforce will suggest matching results

3. Once you see your desired result, select it, and Salesforce will automatically complete the address fields

That’s it – accurate address data entry in seconds!

Enable Autocomplete on Standard Addresses

First, an Admin will need to enable it in Setup > Company Settings > Maps and Location Settings.

Tick the options “Enable Maps and Location Services (powered by Google)” and “Enable autocomplete on standard address fields (Lightning Experience and the mobile app only)”, then click “Save”.

Final Thoughts

Whilst I love this feature, and so do my users, it’s worth noting that search results are optimized for certain countries such as the USA and United Kingdom.

Autocomplete on addresses is available on all standard address fields, across objects including Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

8 thoughts on “Autocomplete Address Fields in Salesforce to Supercharge Productivity

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    Great post! Just another note to add, the addresses provided in the Autocomplete are not verified by local postal authorities. If there is a requirement for verified postal addresses, you’d have to look on the AppExchange (AddressTools provides exactly this and on custom fields and objects!).

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    This is a great feature but one thing that I am dissapointed with is that you cannot hide the map from displaying below the address. This is wasted space and not useful to many.

    1. Avatar

      Christine Marshall


      Hi Kristin,

      It applies to all standard address fields so once enabled, should also appear on Leads.

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    I am trying to use Address component in flow, Is it possible to get this Select the address search bar in flow? Can you help please.

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    Cindy Oberg-Hauser


    Unfortunately, the only choice we only have Google Maps and Locations, which does not allow customization of address formatting. Google Maps also has a reputation for not being 100% accurate/reliable. I would much rather have Salesforce use USPS NCOA for autofill and autocorrect.

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