An In-depth Introduction to SalesforceIQ

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“I Honestly think I would choose my next job on whether or not they use salesforceIQ”

 “SalesforceIQ helps me remember who I should be following up with and when”

 “Intelligent email functionality that reminds you to follow up based on the context of emails”

These are just some of the testimonials that are being given by users of SalesforceIQ, an email centric, context based CRM system, that will have you jumping off your seat to go and try this product out right now. OK no need to jump, you can just go to this link.

Formerly called RelateIQ, acquired by Salesforce and rebranded as SalesforceIQ, it’s perfect for small to mid-sized teams who send out a lot of emails.

It’s a brand new take on CRM and a new approach on how you interact with your customers and their data.  When you go to the login page of SalesforceIQ, you will see the option to login via either your Gmail account or Microsoft Exchange Account. With traditional CRM software, you need to migrate all your data into the CRM before you can do anything with it. But SalesforceIQ does this for you. Awesomely convenient.

Now don’t start sipping on that coffee just yet, SalesforceIQ walks you through the basic aspects of the application while the contacts are being imported in the background.


Moreover, SalesforceIQ can show you what they call “Suggested Follow-ups”, which are automatically suggested to you via SalesforceIQ’s data-driven relationship intelligence engine…yes that’s what they are calling it!

This is kind of an Artificial Intelligence Engine that learns your behaviour overtime, and suggests relevant information to you based on your usage and data. Especially helpful so you don’t miss that  demo to the $100,000 deal customer!

This tight integration and a perfect sync with your email accounts(Gmail, Microsoft Exchange or Office365) is the most innovative aspect of this application. Although extensions for Gmail already exist like Cirrus Insight and Ebsta, the level of automation that SalesforceIQ provides goes to another level

Let’s really dive into all SalesforceIQ can provide by looking at 7 ways it can help you sell smarter.

1. Everything starts with your Email Account

Yes not just contacts are imported from your email account but the company names, emails between those contacts, calendar events and activities are also imported into SalesforceIQ.

This is an innovative approach taken by SalesforceIQ. Usually CRM systems expects you to migrate all your data into it first, and then the application can be of any use to you. But here the application takes care of this headache.

Signup for the application is as smooth as it can get. You just need to go to and sign in with either your Gmail account or Microsoft Exchange account and all your data will start syncing into SalesforceIQ.


This syncing is not a one time activity, once you link an email account, it will always be in sync with SalesforceIQ and vice versa. What this means is, if you send an email to a contact via your email account, that email will automatically sync into SalesforceIQ as well and will show up as an email in the Contact’s stream view.

You will also find that all your calendar meetings and followups have also been synced. SalesforceIQ intelligently recognizes your contacts and their companies which ultimately form the Accounts in the application.

Contacts and Accounts are actually stored as different lists. Here you see another awesome example of the intelligent engine behind SalesforceIQ. It makes sure that you as a Sales person concentrate on selling and not on the application that should be helping you.

All the contacts imported become part of the My Contacts list in the Contact Menu.


You can share the Contacts that are part of My Contacts list to the whole organization by turning on Sharing of all contacts in Settings.



You can also import Contacts and Accounts manually via a .vcf/.vcard file. This file can be easily created for your Gmail Contacts and your LinkedIn Contacts. Now just drag and drop this file into the following section in SalesforceIQ and all your Contacts and their Account information will get uploaded.


You can see the full detail of a contact by clicking the Contact name. Here you can see all the information about the Contact that could be imported from you email account. If any information is missing, you can easily fill it up.


On this page, you can create followups with the Contact, put in any notes or you can add this Contact to a List(I will tell you about this in the next point).


2. Lists, List and more Lists

SalesforceIQ maintains data and your professional relationships in the form of Contact-based and Account-based Lists. So understand one thing, all the data in SalesforceIQ is either Contact based or Account based, be it Leads, be it Opportunities, be it Prospects, after all its your Contacts and Accounts only that will become one of these.


That said, you can add any Contact or Account to any of these lists. A list is a sales process in itself. You can change the status of a particular row, lets say a Lead, to indicate its position in the Sales cycle. This gives you the ability to create a sales pipeline.


When you click on a List you will see the Grid view. This gives you a view of all the rows that are there as part of the list you are seeing and you have added either Contacts or Accounts to this list.

The columns(also called the fields) you see here can be moved left or right, data can be filtered and ordered by these fields. You can add more standard fields, intelligent fields to the list to see more relevant data.

3. Capture Everything

On the list you will see a small chat like icon, when you click on this icon you land on the Stream view of the list you are viewing. This is the page that I just absolutely loved, this is where the action is.


This is the page that will show you all the emails that has gone back and forth between you and a particular contact. No, not just since you started using SalesforceIQ but since you started exchanging emails with a Contact in your email account. Yes like I said everything is captured and synced from your email account.

You can log comments, phone calls or meetings here. Reply to emails, add comments to comments, emails, phone calls. In a nutshell, nothing is missed, track everything and close the deals faster.

Not just you, but your teammates can also collaborate with you on this particular item, if you have shared this. You can generate a notification for your teammates by @referencing them.

The awesome thing is, whatever emails or meetings that you log in SalesforceIQ, gets synced with your Gmail and Google Calendar as well. Now it can’t get better than this.

4. Reports and Insights


I’m one of those who believe to squeeze out the last juice out of your data, every detail, every insight. SalesforceIQ shows you the insights that will help you and your team sell smarter than ever.

Reports are of three types:

  • Activity— View insights based on all outbound activities(emails, calls, meetings, tasks). These kind of reports give you deep insight into the performance of your team and other people in the organization.
  • Pipeline—See how your deals are doing and their stage respective to each other. Track the percentage of deals that finally get closed, performance of your team members and why are some deals getting delayed or being lost.
  • Sales— You can check the Sales figures when the deals are finally closed. Track revenue generated by each team member on each deal. Create sales leadership board.

Reports are accessible via Reports tab  in the header. They can be viewed for each List that you create in your organization. You can drill down on reports on the basis of fields available in your list.

5. The Task at hand


Let us come to the Home Screen now and you will find The Task Master…… literally SalesforceIQ calls this page the task master and I say its pretty apt. This screen gathers your meetings, tasks, and deal activity all in one place.

Tasks are the reminders that remind you of that important meeting with that crucial client. As you continue on using SalesforceIQ and it gathers more of your data, it intelligently shows you reminders in the task master panel.

You can create tasks for yourself and your team members. The tasks assigned to your team members will show up on their screens at the right time to make sure that nothing is missed by them.

You can draft emails and send them from this page only. You can draft an email and send it right away or you can save it as a draft. You can later come back and complete the email with necessary details and send it out.

You can see all your meetings in the meetings tab, this way you don’t need to go back and forth between your CRM system and calendar to check your meetings. For me this is a big headache sorted.

The right hand panel shows your Feeds as well as all the Feeds of your team members. You can see the read receipts of the emails you sent out, comments on Contacts/Accounts you own or anyone referencing you by ‘@’ sign. You can also see any status updates for the deals you own.

6. The Chrome Extension

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 17.43.39

I just love this thing, nowadays any application I use, I have a Chrome extension for it as well. SalesforceIQ imports all your email account data and segregates it intelligently, but if you are like me and don’t want to go away from your Inbox then this is for you.

This extension seamlessly puts a sidebar in your email account’s interface. I’ve only checked this out for Chrome as of now. It will show you the SalesforceIQ profile of the user when you see the email you received or you sent to that user. You can see and create tasks, switch organization, add contacts to a list, all from you email account.

It doesn’t end here, when you compose an email, you see this nice little bar to the left of the compose box. Here you can choose whether you want a read receipt for the email or not, automatically create task if the recipient does not reply within a set period of time.

You can schedule the email to be send out later(as per the schedule you choose). If the purpose of the email is to set up a meeting, you can send out available times from your calendar to give your recipient options to choose from.

You can create Text Shortcuts and save them as well, these will help you in quickly sending out emails with repeated responses.


7. SalesforceIQ on the go

There is a mobile app as well for both Android and iPhone. With the mobile application you can do almost everything that you can do in the Desktop application. Plus you will be able log phone calls and save their phone numbers as well. This gives you even more data and information you churn your reports on and make smarter decisions. After all its all about making you a smart salesman.


9 thoughts on “An In-depth Introduction to SalesforceIQ

  1. G’Day Ben,

    Why would I use SFIQ when I can use SF? Is Salesforce muddying the ‘what CRM to choose’ waters by acquiring this product?

    Salesforce is now a two CRM vendor, and that has me confused.

    Cheers, Darrell

    1. Hey Darrell,

      I’m not an expert, but I think Salesforce has a 2 prong use for SalesforceIQ. SalesfoceIQ is another CRM which is a bit confusing, but it is an out of the box solution meant for people to get started very quickly and who need less functionality than the Sales Cloud. SalesforceIQ however does have a chrome plugin which I think is not a full CRM and can just help you in addition to Sales cloud, you can read a bit more here –

  2. Hi Ben,

    I’m looking for a SalesforceIQ expert based in the Bay Area, CA for a live in-person training. Do you know how I could find a freelancer like this?


  3. Ben,

    I’m looking for a SalesforceIQ expert to hire for an in-person 2-5 hour one-on-one training session based in San Francisco/Oakland, CA. Do you know how I can find a freelancer like this?

    1. Hey Lynn,

      I am not a freelancer dedicated to this – but I have been using SFIQ and would gladly help you out, you can also ask the SFIQ team for a live one-on-one training session I am sure they would help as well.

      – Andres Muguira
      Director of Sales (LATAM)

  4. Tara Chand Karwal


    G’Day Ben,

    I want to use the Salesforce IQ inbox into developer org.Then its giving me this error – ” It looks like your account doesn’t have a SalesforceIQ Inbox License”.So how can I get the Salesforce IQ inbox license for dev org

    Tarachand Karwal
    Salesforce Developer | Integration Expert

  5. Saharsh Singh Dadhwal


    Hi Atul/Ben, the images have somehow moved from the article, or the source reference is changed. Its really helpful if you can fix this.

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