7 Salesforce Slack Communities to Join

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The community is arguably one of the best aspects of a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Without the help and support of others around the world, a lot of us might have struggled to progress our careers in the first place!

As the Salesforce ecosystem evolves, so do the channels and online communities where people gather to ask questions, advise, and have a bit of fun in the process. Slack communities are one of the latest trends to popup, as they provide a fantastic, intuitive, and engaging platform. Here are our top picks for Slack communities to join for Salesforce advice…

1. Ohana Slack

Members: 4,500+

Focus: Everything Salesforce

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Ohana Slack was founded back in 2019 by Meighan Brodkey who wanted a way for Salesforce professionals to ask questions and have interaction with others in real-time. The community has massively grown since its founding and is extremely active.

You will find dedicated channels for every Salesforce product and job discipline, as well as a #whyadminsdrink channel to have a rant.

2. Wizard of Ops

Members: 2,100+

Focus: Salesforce & Operations

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As the fastest-growing community dedicated specifically to operators, leaders, and Salesforce admins, WizOps represents over 2,100 individuals actively engaged in developing systems, integrations, and processes.

It’s a vibrant community with channels focused on specific operations disciplines and conversations covering tactical and strategic questions across the entire technology stack. Featuring bi-weekly webinars, benchmarking reports, dedicated content, and networking, you’ll gain access to data and insights you can’t get anywhere else.

3. Salesforce Discord Community

Members: 5,500+

Focus: Everything Salesforce

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The SFXD is the longest-running dedicated Salesforce messaging community on this list. But you got me…it’s not actually on Slack, but Discord, the popular messaging App.

Whilst SFXD isn’t on Slack, it’s one of the biggest and most vibrant communities on this list, with 5,500 members, and over 12,500 messages sent per week. You will get questions for anything answered here, and also be presented with some top-class memes.

4. ISV Slack Community

Members: 150+

Focus: Salesforce ISV’s

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The ISV Slack Community is exclusively for individuals working at Salesforce ISV’s (AppExchange Apps). The community is mostly made up of Founders, and people who work in commercial roles across Sales, Alliances, or Demand Generation.

The ISV Slack Community is very active, and if you are a founder, or working in a commercial team, it’s an invaluable resource.

5. Pardashians

Members: 700 +

Focus: Pardot

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Keeping up with the “Pardashians” isn’t always easy but this community of Pardot pros are here to help you navigate and troubleshoot the fast-evolving and ever-changing Pardot product. Find channels such as #new-features, #solutions, and #pardot-integrations. Never has such a powerhouse of Pardot knowledge assembled in one space!

6. B2C Commerce Cloud Unofficial

Members: 5,000+

Focus: Commerce Cloud

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If you’re part of the rapidly growing Commerce Cloud community, then this slack group could become your new best friend. There are over 60 public channels on the Unofficial B2C Commerce Cloud Slack group, where you can get help on Einstein, Page Designer Cloud Connectors, and more.

If you are interested in more resources for B2C Commerce Cloud, check out this article.

7. RevGenius

Members: 13,500+

Focus: Revenue

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RevGenius is one of the largest online free communities dedicated to the Revenue function, which mainly covers Sales & Marketing. Although not a Salesforce exclusive Slack channel, Salesforce professionals often find themselves in RevOps conversations.

If you are looking for more of a broader community to chat sales and marketing processes, then this could be the place for you!

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  1. For those of you that aren’t aware, my friend Meaghan Brodkey who founded ohana slack passed away earlier this year.. She was an amazing leader in the Salesforce community.

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