5 Things that Make Dreamforce Amazing!

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The streets of San Francisco have been preoccupied with professionals from all industries and regions one could name. These numbers are gathered there for one sole reason: Dreamforce 2018. This year, it is a four-day event from 25th to 28th of September and predicted to be a platform for 200,000 attendees, bringing the best speakers onboard and 650 breakout sessions at the four blocks neighbouring the Moscone Center.
Dreamforce, the cloud computing giant “Salesforce.com’s” huge annual conference is the ultimate forum with 2700+ sessions covering theoretical, practical, inspirational and fun roadmaps to success. For each of these 4 days, Salesforce employees, MVPs, CEOS, and other top-notch people share things that resonate with them; how Salesforce works, and how it can be used to expand the potential of your business. These conferences cover all there is to know about such aspects. It sounds like hard work but is worth your time, investment, and efforts!
If you are attending the conference this year, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at Dreamforce 2018:

1. The Speakers

As of now, we have been able to obtain the names of a handful of the speakers at Dreamforce 2018. These include Salesforce executives and co-CEOS Marc Benioff & Keith Block, along with AI Gore, NBA champion & Finalist, MVP Andre Iguodala, and Unilever CIO Jane Moran.


2. The Theme of the Event

Last year, Dreamforce’s theme focused on the fourth industrial revolution and ‘personalization’. However, the vendor keeps its attention on intelligence through its Einstein brand, quoting some real-life case studies of how organizations are utilizing the machine learning abilities, including the US Bank and Adidas.
Another key focus this year will be concentrating on Salesforce’s most recent securing of the integration specialist MuleSoft and the formation of the Integration Cloud product. This consists of an Integration Keynote on Wednesday afternoon.

3. The Venue

Dreamforce has a prominent trail in downtown San Francisco, drawing focus on the Moscone Center. This also includes different developments taking place at the Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, the Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, the Park Central, and the Westin St. Francisco.
Hotels get reserved quickly during Dreamforce so a wise idea is to book as far ahead of time as possible. A number of Bay Area hotels have contracts with Salesforce for negotiated Dreamforce fares, where attendees will also be facilitated with transportation to the Moscone and parallel internet access. This accommodation can be reserved during the registration process.
Also, the most famous eateries in the city get reserved for Dreamforce, so if you have a high-profile dinner arranged, it is advised to reserve this in advance as well.

4. The Networking Opportunities

People do not always fully understand the power of good networking before they have attended Dreamforce. It is the largest event of Salesforce and offers you the best stage to meet and develop acquaintances and share the best practices with them. The Dreamfest and Dreampark activities will allow you sufficient time to connect with new individuals and invest your time meeting the Ohana members. This network goes beyond Dreamforce and you can keep on benefitting everywhere on a large scale from networking at such events.

5. The Expo-Floor

The keynotes are evidently useful; however, the Expo-Floor certainly also assumes an important part. It presents you with the exposure and chance to get engaged in conversations with partners about the applications developed to expand the Salesforce Platform. The Expo is the right opportunity for someone who has a need or potential for an improved personality. To maximise your own time, you should check out the AppExchange for potential vendors before hitting the floor.
So bring your focus to a greater gear with the recommendations and experience of thousands of advancements for you to access. Dreamforce ’18 will be a stage of pivotal sessions, the most recent product updates and a firsthand experience with unlimited innovations.

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