4 Reasons to Attend DevOps Dreamin’ Chicago

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After a sell-out debut last year, DevOps Dreamin’ is heading back to Chicago on April 18 and 19! Here are four reasons to get yourself a ticket… before they run out!


1. Stay Ahead of the DevOps Curve

DevOps is rapidly becoming the de facto industry standard for Salesforce. If Salesforce teams want to maximize the value they deliver, they need to stay up to date on best practices for implementing DevOps workflows.

As the first community event dedicated to DevOps for Salesforce, DevOps Dreamin’ prioritizes just that. It’s the place to be for teams seeking to make DevOps work for them in 2023.

Hear what attendees learnt from DevOps Dreamin’ last year: 

2. Learn More With a Hands-On Approach

We only remember 20% of what we hear, but we remember up to 70% of what we discuss and try. DevOps Dreamin’ prioritizes hands-on learning, with practical workshops and interactive sessions to help you implement successful DevOps strategies.

If you’re struggling with specific challenges or have questions about your releases, you can join 1:1 sessions, group clinics, and masterclasses that will help tackle your pain points. There’ll even be opportunities to work with the team behind DevOps Launchpad, to gain free DevOps certifications.

3. Equip Your Entire Team With Key Knowledge

To get the best results from DevOps, the entire team needs to be on board with the process; teams that report the highest performance and greatest ROI from DevOps also report that they have buy-in from the whole team. 

That’s why DevOps Dreamin’ has sessions for everyone, regardless of role. Whether you’re an admin using change sets but keen to learn about DevOps, a developer trying to automate your pipeline, or a senior leader trying to increase Salesforce ROI, there’ll be something for you. By helping all team members to build their knowledge, teams can leave DevOps Dreamin’ ready to work together to supercharge their Salesforce releases.

4. Learn From World Experts

Get access to insights from inspirational DevOps leaders from across the Salesforce ecosystem and learn more about best practices for overcoming DevOps challenges. 

Here are just a few of the fantastic speakers we have lined-up: 

  • Blanca Leon-Carter: Principal Consultant & DevOps Architect, Slalom
  • Joshua Birk: Senior Director, Developer Evangelism, Salesforce 
  • Zayne Turner: Senior Director, Architect Relations, Salesforce 
  • Mitch Spano: Senior Application Engineer, Google

You can see the other announced speakers here

Register Before Tickets Run Out

Tickets are moving fast, so if you’re a developer, architect, configurator, or anyone building on Salesforce, register now to secure your place. The ticket fee and all proceeds will be donated wholly to the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and Feeding America.


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