10 Most Popular Salesforce Developer Blogs

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It’s been a few years since I last put out a post summarising some of the best Salesforce developer blogs out there, but as the tech landscape changes, so do the blogs. Be sure to also check out our 10 Most Popular Salesforce Admin Blogs

Two winning characteristics of any blog are quality and consistency, and that is the criteria for all the sites in this list. The overall popularity and ranking has been determined by Alexa.

Most Popular Salesforce Developer Blogs

#1 Jitendra Zaa


Jitendra’s blog truly sets the standard for all other Salesforce blogs out there. Since first working with the platform in 2008, Jitendra has been running the blog for many years which has earned him the Salesforce MVP accolade. Being the most popular Salesforce Developer blog out there, you can expect frequent and high-quality posts on all aspects of the platform.

#2 SFDC Monkey


SFDC Monkey is a relatively new but extremely popular blog run by Piyush Soni. Set up in 2016, the blog focusses almost exclusively on Salesforce Lightning Development & Administration. The site has well thought out tutorials with code samples in nearly every Development post. Piyush is one of the youngest people on this list, at only 22!

#3 SFDC99


David Liu is another Salesforce legend that is truly reflected in his website, SFDC99.com. David taught himself to code after getting the urge to pursue a career in development, he is now a Salesforce MVP and Technical Architect at Google. This has given David a really fresh perspective on learning how to code, which he now imparts through advice and tutorials on his website.

#4 Amit Salesforce


Amit Chaudhary has been running his blog for the past 5 years covering all aspects of Salesforce development. You will find in-depth tutorials and code samples in nearly every post to get stuck into some development straight away. Amit’s blog has earned him a Salesforce MVP title and he continues to post multiple times a month.

#5 Biswajeet Samal


Biswajeet’s blog is sure to be one of your favorites if you can’t get enough of code samples. He often posts multiple times per week, always with code samples including the UI output as well. Learn something new and check it out today!

#6 Douglas C. Ayers


Douglas has one of the longest-running and most popular Salesforce Developer blogs, and for good reason! Douglas is a veteran of the Salesforce world, having run user groups, spoken at Dreamforce, and developed his own AppExchange Apps, this earned him Salesforce MVP in 2016. Doug now works at Salesforce on the Trailhead Content Engineering team.

#7 Andy In The Cloud


Andy is another Salesforce veteran who has a wealth of experience developing on the platform. He served as CTO for the well known ISV FinancialForce for 7 years, he now works at Salesforce as a VP of Product Management, Andy also earned his MVP status for his services towards the community. Andy’s blog has very well thought out, detailed post tutorials that go into almost every aspect of Salesforce Development.

#8 sfdcFanBoy


Manish Thaduri aka sfdcFanBoy has been running his blog for over 4 years and is consistently releasing high-quality content. Manish is a Salesforce al-rounder, and his blog reflects this, covering posts across Development, Marketing and Administration. Manish is a Salesforce Technical Architect and also runs the user group where he is based in Singapore

#9 The Blog Readers


Sakthivel Madesh has been running TheBlogReaders.com for many years, and as a result, has built up a huge library of Salesforce Development posts. With the recent switch in Salesforce development techniques, Sakthivel is focussing on Lightning & Lightning Web Components.

#10 Bob Buzzard


Now this wouldn’t really be a Developer blog top 10 post without Keir Bowden’s – Bob Buzzard. Kier has been running his blog for over 9 years, and has a huge archive of posts covering every aspect of Salesforce Development. Keir’s post are mainly based around tutorials, and as he has been running this for so long, each post is very well thought out and easily followed. Keir is CTO of Platinum Partner BrightGen, and is also a Salesforce MVP.

Bonus – Ladies Be Architects


Although not exclusively a developer blog, Ladies Be Architects is a movement founded by Gemma Emmett to support more woman getting into Architect positions in Salesforce. Although Development and Architecture are separate topics, there is a big overlap, and Ladies Be Architects is one of the best examples of a blog focussing on this discipline that I’ve seen.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Was there a blog you were expecting to see but didn’t? Or do you have a favourite that isn’t on the list? Let me know in the comments below…

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      He just missed out of the rankings :(. There are loads of great blogs out there who aren’t in the top 10, so I will be looking to promote them in a separate post.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Ashish,

      Automation Champion is primarily a blog dedicated to Flow & Process Builder which are generally considered Admin tools. Who knows, it may just feature on the Top 10 Admin post!

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