Introducing X-Ray Vision for Pardot

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The connection between Pardot and Salesforce represents the biggest opportunity, and risk, to the processes that support new revenue. Better automations that move contacts and data easily between systems mean smarter marketing campaigns that convert more leads. Greater opportunities for sales to win more deals. And in-depth reporting to drive more intelligent decisions.

So why doesn’t every team have this process buttoned up? It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

The problem starts with a lack of visibility between systems, leading to serious downstream impacts:

  • Processes silently break, so you’re missing or misreporting critical metrics without knowledge
  • Salesforce and marketing automation platforms overwrite each other, creating data inaccuracies that are really hard to identify and fix
  • Marketing efforts are incorrectly triggered or blocked by changes in your CRM, creating poor buyer experiences that hurt marketing and sales
  • Reporting gaps between sales and marketing are invisible, so opportunities to convert more leads into revenue slip through

Sonar helps you solve these challenges

Change Intelligence solutions, like Sonar, are the most popular way to see through siloes in your sales and marketing tech stack. This new technology disrupts the complex, risky way of managing change by giving teams a living blueprint to their company’s Salesforce and Pardot instances (and how each connects to the larger tech stack). Essentially, it can help you easily run impact analysis across multiple systems.

With Change Intelligence, you gain x-ray vision into how your marketing team has built Pardot and where they rely on Salesforce data. This allows you to identify risk points, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. And, it means you can build or change processes without risking downstream impacts to other teams.

With Sonar for Pardot, you can:

  • Easily view relationships between Salesforce and Pardot fields and understand their directionality
  • See how Pardot fields impact automation in Salesforce when making a change in Pardot
  • Quickly identify how forms, automation rules, emails, email templates, landing pages, lists, completion actions, page actions, and profiles relate to each other
  • Have a single platform where all of your operations teams can work together and view the technical context of each system

By harnessing the power of Change Intelligence, administrators can see across siloes and know how their systems connect to the rest of the tech stack. 

Why is Sonar the most popular Change Intelligence platform?

Salesforce is the hub that powers your most important go-to-market processes, but it’s powerful because of its connections with other platforms. Sonar is the only Change Intelligence platform built to blueprint both Salesforce and Pardot. And it allows you to easily see cross-functional dependencies across platforms, specific processes, and more.

Sonar for Pardot gives you a blueprint of each platform and helps you visualize every dependency between them. You can also see how each object, field, and automation in Pardot and Salesforce are used across your tech stack. 

With Sonar, you can overcome the siloes between your go-to-market teams and help them work in sync. And Sonar automatically documents a complete picture of how your most critical systems connect, so changes never take other teams by surprise.

When should you adopt a Change Intelligence platform?

Change Intelligence platforms, like Sonar, allow you to easily run impact analysis to accelerate successful change. Whether it’s a process overhaul or updating a picklist value, they eliminate the downstream impacts of any change. However, there are a few main reasons teams initially turn to Change Intelligence:

  • You have multiple admins or teams making changes and need a single source of truth.
  • You inherited an older org and are consistently dealing with tech debt.
  • You’re onboarding yourself (or others) with a new Salesforce or Pardot org.
  • You’re merging multiple orgs together.
  • You need to integrate new solutions or improve connections across your tech stack.

How can I learn more about Change Intelligence?

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