X-Author: Why All the Excitement?

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X-Author LogoOrganisations today have been plagued with countless standalone applications that live outside enterprise systems and are often systems unto themselves. In this environment, data becomes lost and proliferated out of control, not to mention unnecessary manual efforts to input or de-dupe date.

What the modern organisation needs is a cloud Platform acting as a single source of truth, and an intuitive tool to link the end-user to the Platform.

Introducing X-Author – an exciting new way to experience Salesforce, directly from Microsoft Excel.

With X-Author, Excel functions as an alternate and extremely powerful user interface for the Salesforce1 Platform. Great gains are made when users are able to work in the same familiar, fast, and flexible Excel user interface that they prefer, without sacrificing data visibility, security, and governance, all of which remains centralized in Salesforce.

By broadening the lens of the Salesforce Platform from the browser to Microsoft Excel, other departments (outside of Sales, Service and Marketing) that traditionally shy away from Salesforce are opening up.

The benefits of X-Author:

  • Boost productivity: enable people to work with their Salesforce data at Excel speed, while maintaining Salesforce more frequently and efficiently.
  • Increase Salesforce Platform adoption: keep staff in a familiar Excel UI, whilst increasing the number of use cases that can be managed on the Platform. Any spreadsheet process can be handled by X-Author: planning, surveys, ad spend tracking, budgeting, promotions, commissions… anything!
  • Increase data visibility: open up data from previously standalone Excel processes to your whole organisation.
  • Utilise your data to the maximum: leverage Salesforce reporting capabilities inside Excel, including complex object hierarchies and unlimited objects simultaneously.
  • Maintain data integrity: all data, rules, permissions and routing are maintained in Salesforce with controlled sharing capabilities.
  • Seamless data migration: manual data entry and human error are horrors of the past. No more copying and pasting!

Companies of all sizes, from a variety of industries realise the benefits of X-Author daily; the productivity statistics are astounding!

X-Author interchangable interface

Example Use Case: Opportunity Forecasting & Management

Opportunity Forecasting & Management can be a tedious and time-consuming task if done on a record-by-record basis in Salesforce by using the browser. However, straight from Excel, users can …

  • Make weekly updates to any custom or standard fields, such as Stage, Amount, Close Date etc. on a single screen.
  • Managers can pull consolidated forecasts.
  • Admins can make rapid amendments, such as reassigning Opportunity Owners and managing data values.

… all this updates into Salesforce in real-time, thanks to X-Author.


Want to Learn More?

Apttus & the Salesforce Platform Team EMEA are hosting a webinar tomorrow (9th September) at 3pm BST (7am PST), titled: “Tackle Shadow IT with Salesforce1 Platform and X-Author”

Join to see X-Author showcased in a number of use cases that have traditionally troubled enterprises. Learn from Chris O’ Rourke, Head of EU Sales Operations at PayPal, about how they have tackled Shadow IT by bringing legacy Excel spreadsheets and processes onto the Salesforce1 Platform.

Registration Here: http://info.apttus.com/SFDC-X-Author-Webinar.html
X-Author Website: http://x-author.com/

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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