Will Virtual Dreamforce 2020 & Dreamforce 2021 be Cancelled?

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It was not a surprise to most of us when Salesforce announced in late April that all Salesforce Events in 2020, including Dreamforce, will be “reimagined virtually”. This was right around the time most countries were having their first wave of COVID-19 cases, and the only thing that seemed certain was social distancing, masks, and lockdowns.

A question on everyone’s minds since this announcement, is “How will Salesforce pull off a virtual Dreamforce?”. I mean, they have extremely high expectations to meet based upon how most people perceive Dreamforce to be one of the most exciting weeks of the year. We saw a glimpse into the future with TrailheaDX in June, another conference that has been reimagined virtually. Overall I thought virtual TrailheaDX was a resounding success, a short event lasting a few hours, but with a lot of exciting announcements and talks for every type of Salesforce professional.


Is Dreamforce 2020 Cancelled?

As far as most people are concerned, Dreamforce 2020 is full steam ahead. However, with only a few months to go there has been no news since April, and generally no knowledge in the Salesforce Ecosystem. This is until business magazine “The Information” interviewed Marc Benioff last week…

“Dreamforce is obviously a critical brand for Salesforce, but there’s no Dreamforce this year,”

It’s no confirmation, Benioff could be referring to an in-person event, but it’s also quite a blunt definite statement. Maybe Salesforce has realized that recreating the excitement, the buzz, and the overall unforgettable experience of Dreamforce virtually, is impossible. Maybe it’s best not to have it at all.

Benioff went onto say that he is unsure if there will even be an in-person version of the event next year. While this will be a huge disappointment to some, including myself, it’s fair to speculate. With Coronavirus cases climbing globally, and the days of mega-events with 150,000 seeming light-years away, Dreamforce 2021 being cancelled is a somewhat likely possibility.

This decision would also most likely need to be made sooner rather than later, as the planning for Dreamforce is not a small feat in terms of time or resources.

While the outlook of events that we all know and love do seem bleak, I find comfort in the fact we are all in this together, in solidarity, and can each do our part to get through this.

3 thoughts on “Will Virtual Dreamforce 2020 & Dreamforce 2021 be Cancelled?

  1. Recreating what was would be difficult; but with imagination and creativity maybe something new and wonderful will come our way as a new Dream.

  2. I hope they can come up with a virtual alternative. The pandemic aside, the expense alone makes sending employees to Dreamforce simply out of reach for many organizations, especially those in the non-profit sector. Not to mention limiting the ability of people to attend due to other obligations that require them to be close to home. Childcare and elder care make it difficult for many to be hundreds of miles away for days at a time. This is an excellent time for a tech leader like Salesforce to really rethink the conference experience and expand it to a much broader audience.

    I am sure the creative minds at Salesforce can come up with compelling content and ways for people to connect that can carry far into the future, even after people can return to gathering together.

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