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Why Past Attendees Loved DevOps Dreamin’ and What’s in It for You?

By Jack McCurdy

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Events season is upon us and it can be hard to decide which event is right for you. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what specialist Dreamin’ events are, why you should attend them, and what DevOps Dreamin’ has to offer. We’ll also hear directly from previous attendees and speakers about what makes this event the go-to for teams looking to make the most of their investment in Salesforce.

What Are Dreamin’ Events?

Salesforce routinely takes their show on the road via World Tours in major cities to bring the country communities together. However, community-run Dreamin’ events are the local lifeblood of the Salesforce community scene.

With the industry specific knowledge required to be successful on the platform, and the many clouds, integrations, and services now available, it’s never been more important to invest in specific areas of knowledge and platform skills. This is why specialist Dreamin’ events are so valuable.

“Salesforce community events are truly a wholehearted knowledge share. You can bring all of your most complex issues and walk away with many solid solutions!”

Misty Fierro, VP Salesforce Practice, Yudrio

What to Expect From DevOps Dreamin’

As businesses face increasing pressure to make sure their Salesforce instance is fit for purpose and protected, DevOps has never been more crucial to delivering quality releases while also safeguarding and maximizing your investment in Salesforce. That’s where DevOps Dreamin’ can help. 

DevOps Dreamin’ is organized by Gearset with speakers and content from across the ecosystem. It offers everything that the Salesforce community values: deep knowledge sharing, problem-solving, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and community connection with the majority of sessions focused on how to bring DevOps best practices to your team, whatever tool you’re using.

The great news is that DevOps Dreamin’ is returning to Chicago on the 20th and 21st of May for two days of quality community time, with a packed agenda including a keynote from the inimitable Charlie Isaacs.

Here’s what some of our past attendees and upcoming speakers have to say about it: 

  • “As Salesforce becomes more strategic and implementations become more complex, DevOps Dreamin’ has provided a fantastic opportunity to see how quickly DevOps practices are evolving and maturing to meet the need. Ian Gotts, CEO,
  • “My favorite experience from DevOps Dreamin’ has been the panel discussions and getting to know more DevOps professionals in the industry from various backgrounds.” Michael Dailey, Dir. Technical Product Marketing, Provar.
  • “The diversity of the sessions covering the three keys to DevOps success are fantastic. People, processes, and automation. It will be a great learning environment!” Ken Balog, EVP, CloudQnect.

While there are many conferences to choose from, specialist areas, disciplines, and demands on us professionally, there’s one reason above all else that makes DevOps Dreamin’ the must-attend conference:

“For decades, Salesforce talked about the 4th Industrial Revolution. Well, we are here, and moving through it at unprecedented paces. DevOps Dreamin’ is going to help us realize and improve on deliverability. Developing and releasing the technology that will change the world. Let’s ensure we change it for the better, and for all!”

Eboni Blake, CEO, EBI Labs

Only a Few Tickets Remain!

Past events have inspired great conversations that have led to real-world change, and fostered the togetherness that’s so unique to the Salesforce ecosystem — make sure to grab your tickets before the last few sell out!

The Author

Jack McCurdy

Jack is a Salesforce DevOps Advocate for Gearset, the leading DevOps solution for Salesforce.

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