[Webinar] Choosing the Right Backup & Restore Solution

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Salesforce Ben and Odaseva are hosting a free webinar to help you better manage your Salesforce data. As Salesforce implementations have grown more complex and more deeply intertwined with key business functions, the challenge of backing up and restoring data has also become more complex.

Join Salesforce Ben’s Christine Marshall, Dave Horton (VP of Solution Engineering, Odaseva), and Oscar Parra (Solution Engineer, Odaseva), as they discuss how to find the right backup and restore partner to ensure your Salesforce data is protected and secure.

Why is it important to have a Salesforce data backup and restore solution? How important is it that your backup and restore solution grows with your increased adoption of Salesforce?

This webinar will discuss important topics including:

  • Why having a Backup and Restore solution is important.
  • The spectrum of options available to Salesforce customers.
  • What requirements dictate the need for having an enterprise solution for Salesforce backup and restore.

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