Introducing Sales Cloud Unlimited – The New Salesforce Unlimited Edition

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Sales Cloud Unlimited is the new, supercharged “Unlimited Edition” of Salesforce – an all-in-one tech stack where intelligence, automation, and analytics are offered as standard to these higher tier Sales Cloud orgs. 

When you read the news, you may think that these features seem familiar, and you’d be partially correct. However, there are two key points to note: a) they’re now encompassed as one offering (versus bolting on each tool separately), and b) there is a single price.

As one analyst said:

“The marketplace has been asking forever to put all of these offerings together with a fixed price. This is a necessary innovation that will be very well received in the market.” – Jim Dickie, Sales Mastery

Sales Cloud Unlimited boils down to five main components: 

  1. Built-in AI solutions, powered by Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Activity Capture. 
  2. Salesforce Inbox, Sales Engagement, and Conversation Insights together.
  3. Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud.
  4. Revenue Intelligence for Industries.
  5. Sales Cloud for Slack.

1. Built-in AI solutions

Powered by Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Activity Capture, built-in AI solutions come as standard. Salesforce Einstein delivers millions of recommendations and insights daily, bringing intelligence and insight to every sales rep.

  • Automated Contacts.
  • Lead Scoring: Prioritize follow-up actions based on the likelihood of a lead to
  • convert. 
  • Forecasting.
  • Opportunity Scoring. 
  • Recommended Connections. 
  • Email Insights: Easily capture the most relevant customer interactions across email, events, and calendars.
  • Pipeline Inspection: A consolidated view of pipeline metrics, opportunities, week-to-week changes, AI-driven insights, close date predictions, and activity information.  
  • Einstein Conversation Insights (formerly Einstein Call Coaching). 

“The rise of technology has the potential to take sales reps further away from their customers when they spend more time toggling between apps than forming long-term relationships. Sales Cloud provides reps with the insights to build deeper customer relationships and serve as a trusted advisor.” – Ketan Karkhanis, GM, EVP, Sales Cloud.

2. Salesforce Inbox, Sales Engagement, and Conversation Insights together

“A unified selling experience with workflow automation and call coaching to help sales reps act as trusted advisors and drive predictable growth.” 

3. Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud is now generally available – this follows the successful pilot, which launched back in September 2021. 

Manage subscriptions from any self-service channel – try, buy, renew, and pay in one place.

  • Manage the complete subscription journey – from product to cash. Access metrics for insights into your recurring business.
  • Integration into e-commerce, in-app, or any other self-service touchpoint, allowing companies to offer self-service options on the channels their customers want.
  • Einstein enables companies to prioritize collection efforts by predicting the risk of late or non-payments, and recommending the next best action to ensure consistent revenue streams. 

4. Revenue Intelligence for Industries

Industry-tailored versions of Revenue Intelligence:

  • Financial Services Cloud Intelligence
  • Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence
  • Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence
  • Communications Cloud Intelligence
  • Energy & Utilities Cloud Intelligence

5. Sales Cloud for Slack

Another piece of tech that was unveiled earlier this year, and is now generally available, Sales Cloud for Slack enables teams to:

  • Automate deal status updates to team members.
  • Seamlessly maintain up-to-date records in Salesforce to feed pipeline analytics.
  • Make it easy to collaborate in real-time across teams to close deals faster.

Get a full picture of what’s included in Sales Cloud Unlimited by viewing the feature comparison document.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Sales Cloud Unlimited – The New Salesforce Unlimited Edition

  1. Seems a bit wooly to me. Sales Cloud for Slack is free anyway… so I am not sure what the benefit is here commercially? And
    “Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud” assumes you have Revenue Cloud, which is NOT part of Sales Cloud Unlimited (unless I am missing something?).

  2. A timely and helpful post, thank you. Want to be sure I’m crystal clear on the new arrangement.

    Does this mean that those of us who’s org was already on the Unlimited Edition before the bundling under Sales Engagement — does this mean that we can now set up and enable High Velocity Sales at no extra cost?

    As in, we won’t get a bill for $75/user/month?

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, existing Unlimited Edition customers will have these new capabilities. If you purchased Sales Engagement prior, your contract remains the same. You can reach out to your AE to discuss further options.

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