Top 5 Shows on Salesforce Plus

By Sasha Semjonova

When you think of streaming services, you might think of Netflix or Hulu, or Disney+, but maybe not Salesforce+. This is Salesforce’s very own streaming platform, and if you’re not using it you’re really missing out.

Not only is it the hub that brings you on-demand Dreamforce content, it also hosts a great range of shows that cover topics like politics, wellness, sport, business, and more. Whether you love absorbing all things Salesforce tech in your downtime or prefer to keep your work and binge-watching time separate, we guarantee that there’s a show for you.

1. The Ecopreneurs

Credit: Salesforce+

“We have to treat our planet better. We have to build things better. We have to be better.”

Ryan Harris, SeaTrees Ambassador

Ecopreneurs showcases the extraordinary business men and women across the globe that are leaders in protecting the planet. Using technology to save coral reefs, pioneer low-emission vehicles, transform outdated buildings, and more, this show is likely to inspire all who watch it.

During a time when Salesforce advocates for climate-consciousness and pushes for more sustainable practices, Ecopreneurs is a shining example. It’s fascinating to see how our technological developments can go hand in hand with forward-thinking business leaders to create solutions for a wider cause – it’s unsurprising that Salesforce picked this show up.

Watch it here: Ecopreneurs

2. Trailblazer

Credit: Salesforce+

Trailblazer follows the stories of five black trailblazers navigating the white-dominated world of tech. All coming from different backgrounds where going into tech as a career just wasn’t presented as an option to them, this show is a great reminder that this industry needs more BIPOC role models, career paths, and progression opportunities.

You may approach this show with the worry that it’s too performative or promotional, but just watching the first episode will dispel those beliefs. Instead of focusing solely on Salesforce and running the risk of appearing as a sponsored show, it centers on personal journeys and how personal learning, self-growth, and carving out your own possibilities can create success.

Watch it here: Trailblazer

3. Legends of Low Code

Credit: Salesforce+

To be honest, I was very surprised to find a gameshow style show on Salesforce+, but I’m honestly glad that Legends of Low Code is an option. The show follows nine Trailblazers as they race to build the best app for a non-profit cause in just two days. The app needs to be created on the Salesforce platform, and the teams really show just how powerful Salesforce is.

If you’re looking for something fun, light-hearted, but also informative, this is the show for you. The exploration of the non-profit sector and how tech can be used to meet the needs of its operations is also eye-opening here, so if that’s your thing, definitely tune in.

Watch it here: Legends of Low Code

4. The Inflection Point

Credit: Salesforce+

Have you ever wondered how the world’s biggest CEOs got to where they are now? Well, now you can find out, and some of their stories aren’t as glamorous as you might think.

The Inflection Point explores the stories of the top CEOs of companies like PayPal, 23andMe, and Le Barnardin and their backstories, missions, and values. Covering issues such as sustainability, inclusivity, mentorship, social impact, innovation, and more, you’re bound to learn something new about the motivations behind these companies and why they do what they do.

Watch it here: The Inflection Point

5. Leading Through Change

Credit: Salesforce+

There’s a reason why Leading Through Change is the 2021 winner of the Best Program award in the Content Marketing Awards: integrity. The show focuses on how business leaders navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s a moving testament of how workers across different industries came together to adapt to social, economic, and environmental changes.

With a strong, diverse lineup of leaders that excel in different areas, this show is definitely one to watch if you and your company are looking to improve your adaptability and leadership skills. You heard it here first!

Watch it here: Leading Through Change


Salesforce+ is a great source for shows that all members of the ecosystem can enjoy. Along with the ones we’ve mentioned in this list, it’s definitely worth checking out others such as SimplyPut and Pivot. There really is something for everyone, and you can often mix entertainment with education – it’s a win-win!

We’d love to hear your personal favorites in the comments below!

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