It’s Here: New Zoom for Pardot Plugin

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Zoom for Pardot is a new plugin that will bridge the gap between powerful marketing automation and this wildly popular webinar tool.

Webinars are a popular tactic throughout the B2B customer lifecycle – from lead generation, to prospect education, and beyond to customer onboarding. With a wide range of uses, it’s worthwhile investing in a webinar platform that’s and frictionless for your team to adopt. A tool that is well-integrated with your CRM is a big bonus that will pay in dividends.

Pardot have plugins for other key webinar players, that have been listed for some time: GoToWebinar, WebEx, ReadyTalk (those of you who have taken the Pardot Specialist exam will have memorised these!).

Zoom’s growth (I speculate) was fuelled by its scaled-down, intuitive interface – which will be further reflected in the new plugin, available now for Zoom users to download directly from the Zoom App Marketplace at no additional cost.

What Does Zoom for Pardot Replace? From Fussy Form Handlers to Seamless Sync

What’s getting replaced? Previously, you could ‘integrate’ Zoom with Pardot by using form handlers behind the Zoom webinar registration forms. I have set it up on a handful of occasions; it was not the easiest process, involving switching back-and-forth between the two tools multiple times.

Zoom’s new Pardot integration simplifies the setup for capturing prospects into Pardot lists. Now, with the new Zoom for Pardot plug-in, a slicker setup process will be in play:

  • Create your (connected) Campaign in Salesforce
  • Create Pardot static lists to capture:
    • Registered prospects
    • Attendees
    • Absentees (AKA. No-shows)
  • From the Zoom webinar configuration page (Integration Tab → Configure), select your Pardot lists:

The inner workings of the Zoom connector will take care of the rest!

Get Started with Switching – Important!

If you’ve been using the previous method to connect your Zoom webinars with Pardot, then you’ll be relieved to cut out the form handler hassle. The switch will be very easy for you to take on.

An important step I highly recommend, is automating the Pardot to Salesforce campaign push. Yes, connected campaigns will sync from Salesforce to Pardot, but you will still need to leverage automation rules and completion actions to push prospects into Salesforce Campaigns, as Campaign Members.

General Tips for Working with Webinars and Pardot

The key to integrating your webinar tool with your Pardot email flows, is understanding that there are some ‘transactional’ touchpoints that the webinar tool will handle vs. Pardot.

I’ve dived into THE DRIP’s archives to find a timelessly popular post on Webinar setup by Marisa Meyers – although this post is about GoToWebinar, many of the principles are transferable to other tools.

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    We have multiple people setting up webinars w/their own Zoom accounts. We also have one person who is working in Pardot but does not create the webinars. Is there a way to make this work with this scenario?

    Thank you.

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