Instant Conversational Marketing – for Pardot? Why This New App Is Exciting

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Welcome to the conversational marketing movement – using conversation as a marketing channel. It encompasses instant and informal interactions that builds connection between buyer and brand. It’s been proven to increase qualified lead conversions by over a third, just by connecting prospects that want to talk to you, and prospects you want to talk to.

Stumbling upon this app was a nice surprise, and well-timed with the MQL theme running through the blog this month!

The solution is called Qualified – the first (and only) conversational marketing application built natively on the Salesforce platform, and now compatible with Pardot.

Connect ‘in the moment’

The live chat application aims to connect sales development teams with qualified prospects when they land on your website ‘in the moment’. These browsers are deemed ‘qualified’ either through questions a chatbot asks, or data you have previously captured. Although the clue is in the name, here’s the crux – this opportunity for sales development to engage presents itself only when the prospect is qualified. No chance of time-wasters that don’t make the cut!

The Qualified blog shows this in simple terms. Thanks to Pardot web tracking abilities, a sales development rep has been alerted, and initiated a chat with this website browser, because she has a high grade (B+) and a decent score.

Source: Qualified Blog

In short, you are leveraging the data-rich prospect profiles to call sales reps to action.

Other noteworthy points:

  • Add the chat functionality to Pardot Landing Pages
  • Personalisation in the chat window complements Pardot dynamic content
  • Instantaneously route and react on data prospects submit on Pardot forms

Source: Qualified Blog

Once You’ve Got Them Hooked

Once you’ve got them hooked, magically convert the chat into a voice or video meeting. “High-fidelity sales conversations”, as Qualified describe them – I love that.

Check out the Qualified blog for impressive customer stories – that have hauled in statistics such as a 34% increase in qualified leads and a 62% increase in sales pipeline.

Of course, what your business considers a Marketing Qualified Lead will differ from the next – other factors to consider are the volume of leads, in proportion to the size of your sales team. That’s the beauty of the tool too, you can configure the qualfication thresholds, lead routing, and which message types should be deflected from sales.

To summarise: whoever you consider an MQL, what’s practically guaranteed is a refreshing personalised, relevant and refreshing customer experience.

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