How much time are Prospects spending on your Pardot Emails?

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When it comes to email performance reporting, email opens / open rate are the most widely measured metric. It’s easy to capture, easy to communicate, and reassures you that your marketing messaging is reaching prospects.

Is that really true?

Email opens are a vanity metric. Such a one-dimensional number masks a spectrum of engagement, spanning properly reading your email, to merely skim reading it. Open rate doesn’t tell you how ‘sticky’ your email content is.

The email interaction report in Pardot will give you insight into how long prospects spent in your email. You may be familiar with ‘Dwell Time’ in Google Analytics – it’s the same principle. If you’re plagued with low click-through-rates, this is one report you need to pay attention to.

If you’ve ever asked: ‘can we report on how much time prospects have spent on each email?’, then read on…

What’s Awaiting…

Email Interaction reporting is possible on every list email report in Pardot. I have to emphasise here that we are talking about list emails, sadly not all types of emails (Engagement emails don’t have this reporting).

There are 3 levels of engagement depending on time remaining within the open email, broken down as follows:

  • Skimmed: < 2 seconds
  • Glanced: 2-10 seconds
  • Read: > 10 seconds

The figures in the report are percentages, eg. 29% read rate. These percentages are based on all prospects on the entire list. You will not be able to see time recorded for each individual prospect (not like you can uncover for webpage visits).

How to Access

Find any sent list email report. Running along the top are 4 tabs. By clicking on ‘Interaction’ you will see the figures and pie chart, as you can see in the image below:


Finding out how much time Prospects are spending on your Pardot Emails is closer than you think. However, it’s worth setting expectations on the report’s limitations; not only does it measure at the individual prospect-level, but we can’t get insight into scrolling behaviour. Maybe in the future we will be able to get scrolling heat map metrics, similar to the Click-through-rate report already in Pardot. That would be helpful to many marketers to see the wood for the trees!

I wonder what you will uncover, whether these reports will finally demystify why your emails get high open rates, but low click-through-rates.


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